Table before and after

I've been waiting to post these pictures for ages! I actually completed this project over Spring Break (it was on the many things on my TO-DO list) but my camera died on me and my old camera wouldn't upload to the computer. Now that I've figured that out, you can see the BEFORE and AFTER of my cheap dining room table and chairs that was looking pretty rough around the edges.

We got this table from my mom when we first got married and moved into our townhouse:

This is actually a picture of the table and chairs in its prime at our sweet little townhouse:

Well, over the last 6 years, it's a little worse for the wear. So, with a little help from this:

(keep in mind, these photos came off my old, screwed up camera - sorry about the lines)
I managed to create a whole new dining room set:

It seems to look very dull in this photo, but it actually turned out amazing - looks brand new! Maybe I'll take some pictures with my new camera soon so you can really get the whole effect.

Now that I've painted the back wall, painted the dining room set - I still need something to make this space POP. I have a few ideas, but I'm up for suggestions. What do you think would really make this space?!?

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Kara Graves said...

ooh! I love it so much. I really need you to come stay with me, and we will go to these antique stores around me and refinish some chairs, I still only have a dining room table.

As for the next POP, my first thought is a dramatic floral arrangement with bright colors like red, yellow, orange, and purple :)

Katie said...

Looks great!!

Lucy Marie said...

The table looks great. Way to go!

The Sacco's - Our Life said...

I like your table - you did a great job. Have you thought about adding some plants and maybe something red (like a deep, rich red)?


The table looks fantastic. That reminds me that I should TOTALLY be redoing our table and chairs as well. I have no design sense so I can't help much. I do love unexpected touches though. I love when there is an eclectic but organized arrangement of vintage mismatched picture frames or something... Would love to see pics of the completed space :)


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