The MOTHER of To-Do Lists!

The last 48 hours of my life has been crazy - and totally consumed with Preschool work. The craft I chose for our Easter party took a little longer than I anticipated to prep, so I was up til 4am cutting out paper and putting things together! Not to mention I am getting sick, so NOT a good combination! 

Well, my mind has been mush and even though our party today was awesome, and I know tomorrow's will be too, I'm SOOOO looking forward to Spring Break!!!

I can't believe I'm even thinking about taking so much on right now, but I have a lot of projects I'd like to complete while on break. Likely enough to keep me busy EVERY DAY, but it would be so worth it to get it all accomplished! Even just getting a few things done would be great. I sat down to write out some things I wanted to do, and couldn't believe what came out. In no particular order:

1. Lock myself in my room and plan the rest of my preschool year
2. Clean out the laundry room
3. Clean/organize Scrapbook room
4. Put up shelves in back room
5. Re-organize basement shelves
6. Sort baby clothes & toys for Mom2Mom Sale
7. Schedule a Mom2Mom Sale
8. Clean room. Really clean.
9. Catch up on laundry
10. Build Caleb's bed
11. Re-finish table and chairs
12. Clean up stuff for Craig's List
13. Clean up front and back yard
14. Get some sleep

My list keeps getting bigger and bigger each day....and this is on top of a girl's night, and lunch with old friends, Saturday @ my parents for Easter, spending time doing the stage for Easter Sunday, and traveling next weekend to Indiana!!!

Okay, someone tell me - I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!


Nicole said...


With determination, you can do it!

Lucy Marie said...

Girl! You can do it. I know you can. I tell you what, I'll send you a treat if you get all of those things accomplished!

Lucy Marie said...

Girl! You can do it. I know you can. I tell you what, I'll send you a treat if you get all of those things accomplished!

Lourie said...

That is quite a list! Break it down into smaller lists, and be sure and add stuff on it that you know you will do... watch TV is always on my list!

Katy and Phil said...

I have faith in you! You can do it! I am also SO VERY VERY excited to see you next weekend! It makes me very happy!

Julie M. said...

That preschool party work you did reminds me of my crazy day yesterday! I agreed to make the centerpieces and attempted tie dyed eggs with silk ties. It took me two days and a total of about 4 hours but darn if they weren't the most beautiful eggs ever at a preschool Easter party! Your list it admirable and if you take it one thing at a time, I'll bet you can make a dent in it. Have a great spring break!

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

#14 is my favorite!

Aging Mommy said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and for your comments on my post.

I know how you feel about To Do Lists. Mine often look very similar to yours as it seems when I went from career to staying at home I also became CFO and CEO of house and home and everything else too! It doesn't help when my husband peers over my shoulder at my list and ever so "helpfully" says you'd better add getting a joint will made up to that, or some other task that he apparently is not responsible for!

Have a great weekend and don't work too hard on that list!

Anonymous said...

I have lists like that, too. It's a good thing I usually forget where I've left my list. Otherwise, I'd be obligating to actually do all of that stuff! Visiting from SITS!

natalee said...

love your list..im following from blog frog...hugs..come visit me!!!!


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