Toddler Translator

One of my favorite things about having toddlers & teaching toddlers is listening to them form sentences, ideas, and words. It cracks me up how they pronounce things sometimes. When my kids mispronounce something, I try not to correct it...it usually fixes itself in time anyway and it's just too cute!! Here's are the translations for some of the funny things that my kids say:

“Tit-tar” : Guitar
“Niffles” : Nipples
“Some-be-body” : Somebody
“Honquered” : Conquered
“Fayf” : Faith
“Caybub” : Caleb
“Boodies” : Boobies
“Prylates” : Privates
“Booger” : Burger
“Blight” : The sound a magic wand makes…???

I know there are a ton more, but I can't remember them all...maybe I'll do another installment at a later time.

What are some funny ways your kids or kids you know have pronounced things?


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I love those baby words too. I was always sad when my kids stopped using a certain word that they pronounced wrong. (I know, that's backwards!) The first time my son said the word "raisin" instead of his usual "rainy" I nearly had an emotional breakdown. LOL!

It's nice that you find so much joy in your work.

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

Im in love with that picture! So cute!

Ellemes said...

Baby words are too cute - but also frustrating. Roo is just starting to say everything and gets super frustrated when we are clueless to what she's saying.

The funniest thing she says right now is "Caca" for Grandpa. Of course maybe she's just trying to tell us that my dad is full of it.

Lourie said...

Write them down when you hear them or think of them you will forget otherwise. I love these! Too cute. here are some of my kids.

dough*e Pacifier (???)
owl water (????)
Fire Pacifier
garlic garland
Pimples nipples

My son used to always call a restaurant an "eat store". He is 4 now and doesn't do it as much. :(

Vickie said...

A couple favorites by my girls (who are now 24 & 21) "dish-ish" for delicious and "tatterpater" for caterpillar.

Kristin said...

It's very common, but my favorite that my son used to say that would somehow melt me every time was, "I wuv you". Just something about it :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Love it!!

My oldest daughter called her younger brother, "Stain" for "Shane". So it sounded VERY ODD when see would call him, lol!!

Sarah loves it all said...

I love those little baby words! Can't wait till my little one can talk!

Anonymous said...

I'm a preschool teacher and one of my favorites from my 3 year olds was when a boy kept saying, I got a hottadoctor for Easter! He talked about that hottadoctor all the time and I never had any clue what it meant until one day on the playground he points up and says, "Look! A hottadoctor!" Oooh... a helicopter! :)


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