The Story of Us

Yesterday marked 7 years of marriage with the hubs! It seems crazy that 7 years have gone by!

When you celebrate an anniversary, do you find yourself going over the play-by-play of that day? I did it a lot yesterday. Things like "7 years ago at this hour, I was getting my hair done" etc. For some reason, it seemed to be going through my brain a lot more than usual. Perhaps because I discovered I remember very little about my wedding day.

I remember being all dressed up and ready to go, and waiting at the top of the hill, soaking all of it in, trying to savor the day before it passed too quickly.

I remember my heart racing when I started walking down the isle.

I remember 'checking out' my new husband all day, cause he looked so handsome in his tux!

I remember getting a few silent moments together walking while taking pictures.

I remember being anxious to leave to the hotel.

I don't remember many people, conversations exchanged, or even the speeches given. I've yet to see my wedding video, so the only recollection I have are these memories. I don't even remember a word spoken during the ceremony. What I remember are the swell of emotions I felt. I remember trying to remember. So I would never forget how incredibly lucky I am to have found a man that completes me. Through many ups and downs, those wedding day memories never let me forget how much I love this man.


Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I tried very hard to remember details of our wedding but the ceremony went by SO fast.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

What a sweet, sweet post! Happy anniversary!

Lourie said...

Happy 7th Anniversary to you both!

Lucy Marie said...

Happy Anniversary! Here is to many many many more years of wedded bliss. God bless you guys.

the shoafs said...

happy anniversary! my hubs and i are celebrating our 7th anniversary in november....and i find it hard to remember alot about our wedding day. this post makes me want to go take out my album and dust off the video. which will probably make me cry....and make my husband nervous :)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Congratulations on 7 years. I love our anniversary and know what you mean about reliving the day. We don't buy each other anniversary gifts, instead, we try to plan a special evening together that is just about spoiling each other. After 22 years of marriage, that is what keeps things fresh for us.

Happy anniversary-love the picture of your first dance, so romantic!

Rona's Home Page said...

After 23 years, 1 wedding and a renewal I can only remember those eyes and his vows.
Happy Anniversary!

Tiffany said...

Awww, happy anniversary!! That is great and I love the picture!

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! Very sweet post V! :)

Zeemaid said...

Happy Anniversay. Very sweet post. It's funny how so much fades away. We have still yet to watch our wedding video. 11 years late.

Anonymous said...

So, happy slightly belated anniversary! :-) As a newlywed, I'm looking forward to being where ya'll are, but enjoying where we are- at just over 100 days of marriage.


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