Summer Celebration

I FINALLY seem to have found the time to sit down and post about what I've been up to this summer! Well, I haven't done a whole lot, mostly working when I can, but I've managed to squeeze in some fun here and there. Example: my trip last weekend to Nashville.

We left Wednesday after work with Faith. Caleb stayed with Grandma for the weekend. About 10 hours later, we arrived at Lipscomb University for their Summer Celebration. We were leading worship for a couple morning sessions that weekend, and sang for some speakers. Also known as Acafest Weekend, we got to see/hear/meet/hang out with a bunch of former and current Acappella members. It was a great weekend that we got to spend with some of our best friends, who we also helped move last week. Saturday morning, we shipped off to Anderson, Indiana to help our friends load into their new house and lead worship with them Sunday morning as a welcome celebration on their first Sunday! It was A LOT of driving, but it was totally fun. And, I got some great pictures to prove it:

Yes, this is a real road! In Ohio:

Saw this plate at a Christian book store :"Have Faity?" I wonder why it's on sale?!?

The hubs found "The Canadian Tenors" and wondered why he wasn't invited to this group!

The family minus Caleb. We missed our Bubba:

Our sweet friends who just moved to Indiana. Love these two:

Queen Vee and Mr. King

Current Acappella performing before the Fireworks @ Lipscomb:

Love this girl!:

Me and my princess watching the fireworks:

My favorite fireworks: The sparkly ones

My admission photo for peopleofwalmart.com:

Oh wait! It gets better. Check out the cool sticker on the back (which was on BOTH sides of the vehicle):

Oh WAIT! It STILL gets better! This car is fully loaded -with umbrellas and a steel bat! Also please note the speakers attached on both sides. CLASSY:

What a great (and hilarious) trip! 


Kristine said...

Your pictures just scream summer in the Midwest. I'm a Hoosier myself. Glad SITS connected us. :)

Lourie said...

What, no duct tape on the seats? Psssh! LOL

Lucy Marie said...

Sounds like a great trip! Glad you guys had fun.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

I've got faithy, yes I do, I've got faity, how 'bout you? Too funny! Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Girl!! You look fantastic!! So skinny-minny. Way to go! :)


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