Love in the Aftermath

Steve and I are passionate about sharing in a ministry together to help those in grief. My experience and his education has given us a pretty unique combination of perspective and we feel like God has called us to do something with our story.

We are in the beginning stages of trying to write a book (if anyone has any resources for us as far as editors and/or publishers go, please let us know!), and we are excited to once again be speaking and running workshops at Camp Widow 2013.

But today, I want to share Steve's new blog, Love in the Aftermath. I am super proud of my amazing husband for starting his own blog as a resource for those who love a widow/widower. We discovered that there aren't many things available out there as far as support goes for those who are dating a widow/er, or those married to a widow/er. So please, stop by there today, leave a comment of encouragement and support, and become a follower. God is moving.

Thanks to all of you for your continued love and support to us both, for giving us purpose on this journey together. We wouldn't be here without you.


Anonymous said...

as for a publisher...i would think your story/book would fit in great with Hay House. www.hayhouse.com. Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

I liked Steve’s first blog post; however he used way too many exclamation points. I do not want to sound mean, just wanted to point that out for the further. Love both your work.


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