2nd Annual Memorial Pheasant Hunt

I never seem to have time to get on to post much more these days. It's like I have a house full of kids or something. Oh, wait...

Anyway, I wanted to take a minute to post the pictures from this weekend. Some of Jeremy's dearest friends hosted the 2nd Annual "All the King's Men" Jeremy King Memorial Pheasant Hunt. It was a beautiful day, and I continued to be humbled at the ways people remember and honor Jeremy. My biggest fear is that people will forget his life, his legacy, and the mark he made of the world and those around him. But my heart feels at peace surrounded by those he loved when we continue to remember. With this crowd, I know he won't be forgotten.

The men who hunted - including Jer's dad, best friend from Canada, and people all across the board who knew him or knew of him. 

Jer's best friend, Andy. Such a great guy, and I'm so glad he could make it!

Even my dad came out to hunt, which was very special.

My aunt Nancy, Uncle Rex, and Dad :)

All the beautiful kids who came out for the yummy food!

I love the way Steve continues to support and honor Jeremy as well. What a guy!

My momma King. Don't know what I'd do without her.

Thank you to everyone who participated (including those who came just for lunch and those who helped prepare food) - you'll never know how grateful I am to see Jeremy's legacy live on.


Amber said...

You have a wonderful family and devoted friends for sure. I do not believe a man such as him will ever be forgotten. He has left such a legacy for your children.

You look more beautiful than ever! Love suits you well :) and I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!

God bless

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

This is awesome! what a great turn out. ANd, I second Amber, you look BEAUTIFUL. ANd your hair looks awesome as well. (-:



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