Rearranging Furniture

This post is long overdue.

A few months ago, I FINALLY got rid of our huge entertainment center and sold it on Craigslist. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but it was way too big for our little space. 

Some friends of ours gave us their old entertainment center when they moved out of state, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the room, but I had to convince the hubs to do it, as it was going to be a lot of work for him (rewiring and of course, all the labor!)

But, alas we have a new arrangement in our living room that really opens up the space and makes it feel a lot bigger. And, I love my new oversized clock I got for my birthday.



Don't mind the clutter. Next up, painting the walls!


Tiffany said...

I love it! We've been doing the same thing over here!

Anonymous said...

I love room makeovers! We're in the middle of moving into a new place and have done tons of updates. I can't wait to finally have "after" photos! You have great taste!


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