a big blog thank you!

I wanted to say a big huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Most Inspiring Mom Blogs for 2012!!! It really is such a cool thing to even be on the list along with so many other incredible and inspiring stories, but to make the #1 spot is beyond amazing! I am so grateful for yet another way to reach others and watch Jeremy continue to change the world with his life and his love. A million times, thank you!

If you'd like to check out my interview from the top 25 blogs, click the link below. Also, look around while you're there....there are so many amazing and moving woman changing the world with their stories too!

I'd also like to announce that I've been invited to be the newest weekly author of Widow's Voice, which is an amazing blog and resource for those in grief. This blog was one of the first resources I found after Jeremy died and I literally became obsessed with it for weeks, trying to soak up other people's experiences to somehow explain my own. It continues to be a healing place for me to connect with other people in this huge community I never knew existed. Widow's Voice is read in 147 countries, and viewed over 35,000 times a month!! It's compiled of multiple widowed people from different walks of life, with someone different writing each day. My first post will be next Thursday, and I will continue to post every Thursday after that. This is an incredible honor, and I see how God has given me the opportunity to continue using our story to show His love and mercy to others who need it. While I still struggle with this concept as a whole, I'm taking every chance to use what God is putting in front of me.

Thanks again for all your support. You all rock!


Meg said...

YOU ROCK! Seriously. I know that words like "brave" and "strong" might not sit easily on your shoulders, but honestly those two words are the first things I think of reading your posts.

We continue to pray and cheer you on through your journey.

Cindy said...

Congrats! Well deserved!

Brooke Simmons said...

Congrats on the top spot- well deserved! I'm strangely grateful to be in the same "circle" with you!

Anonymous said...

Very excited for you. What an amazing outlook you have to take such an incredibly difficult situation and make something beautiful of it. God bless you as you continue to share your story.

Angela said...

Congrats! So happy for you. Your blog is inspiring, your honesty, vulnerability, bravery and grace are even more so. Thrilled that even more people will get a chance to read your blog and hear your story (ies).

Anonymous said...

A blog you may enjoy, from a recently widowed young father. He's an amazing man!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! You have touched so many lives, so happy you are receiving this honor. Even in death you are honoring your husband. Moving forward...yes, yet inspiring us all to love fiercely!! Thank You

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Vee!


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