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It's 10:43am, and my poor little sick man is still sleeping...

I realized that recently, a lot has happened milestone-wise in Faith's life. I've been talking about her a lot, with her birthday, etc. The other night I was having a conversation with a friend about how I feel like I missed out on a lot of Caleb's infant-hood because I was so busy chasing after Faith (and she demands so much of my attention). And then literally, one morning I woke up, and Caleb wasn't a baby anymore! He was talking up a storm and keeping up with his sister. Where did my little baby go?!?

Caleb has a very special place in my heart. Nothing can be compared to the relationship between a mother and son. And though Caleb definitely comes with a fiery temper (to match his red hair) but he is just the sweetest guy. So snuggly, so loving. My favorite thing recently is when I hear him in another room realize he wants kisses, he'll say 'Oh, kisses!' and come running wherever I am with his lips puckered to give me the sweetest kisses on the planet! God knew what He was doing when he blessed me with Caleb in my life. He just melts my heart.

Yesterday, Caleb was very sick. High fever all day, throwing up....not good. But still had a sweet disposition and sense of humor. And even though I hate seeing my baby sick, I tried to enjoy a day of just snuggling, taking care of my kids (they were both sick). Just holding my man. Holding on to these days.

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John Ross Gray said...

You really are blessed with such wonderful kids... and they are also blessed to have such a sweet and understanding mother. Why, your family's wholesomeness almost brings up vomit in my cold, black, hardened rock star heart. I love you!!!


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