Speed Bumps

It always fascinates me how the devil sneaks in and tries to ruin your plans when you're not even looking....so sneaky....

This weekend was kinda crazy. Nothing really went as expected:

**Jeremy was planning on getting a lot of work done on the kitchen. However, we discovered there are some electrical issues that need to be taken care of outside the house first. This sets us back a few hundred more dollars, and a few more days of no kitchen (at this point, I barely remember having a kitchen anyway)
**We thought Caleb was feeling much better. After Wednesday, he was eating and acting normal. Sunday, while at my mom's he got really sick again, and on the way home got very sick ALL OVER the truck! Poor guy hasn't been holding food down for a week now!
**Yesterday, Jeremy lost his wallet. Had no idea how it happened or where it could be. The worst part is that Jeremy's green card is there, which we need in two weeks for Great Lakes Youth Rally, and it's almost $400 to replace!!!

What's even more fascinating than the devil's schemes is the way God trumps every move and works it all out in the end for His purpose:

**We should be able to get most of the kitchen done by ourselves, with the help of some very talented friends, who are huge blessings in this situation, lending us their expertise. Also, we'll be getting a much needed electrical problem fixed AND there's a possibility I may get to re-side my entire house in the process, which is totally exciting!!
**I took Caleb to the doctor this morning, and the doctor doesn't seem too concerned yet. He thinks it's likely just a bug, but put Caleb on bowel rest (just liquid for a couple days) in hopes to settle his stomach. If that doesn't seem to help, they'll do some stool samples. He was back to himself today, no throwing up or foul diapers, so here's hoping. Good news, the doctor doesn't think that mold is a factor (we were worried after opening the kitchen wall and exposing all that mold).
**Jeremy found his wallet!!!! Well, my mom found it. In her couch! LOL But I was so excited when she told me, I almost screamed on the phone while at Meijer....some woman passing me in the isle literally stop and turned around to look at me! HEY, that's an expensive thing to lose....so glad to have it back (and that Jer can legally drive with a license now!)

In all honesty, I believe God lets little wrenches get thrown into our plans, to continually remind us that we are not in control. And it's a reminder I need constantly. But I won't let the speed bumps throw me off course.

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