This week was a great week for me productivity wise. Got lots of cleaning done for Faith's birthday party, and Jeremy's family is coming in today to see our house for the first time! The only major project I have left on the list for today is to clean out and organize my scrapbooking room (which has become a collect-all room the last few months).

This week, I'm most proud of Faith's room. Awhile ago, I painted some canvases for her room and since then, I've been wanting to paint a matching mural on her wall, and never got around to doing it, or could figure out how to. Friday night, with a sudden burst of inspiration and an idea that just might work, I figured out how to get the giant butterfly on Faith's wall, drew it, painted it...and Tada!!!

The pictures really don't do it justice, cause it looks SWEET! I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and so glad to finally have it done! But, I'm not getting else done sitting here talkin' to you people! ha! So, gotta get ready for company!!! =]

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Jessie's Girls said...

Hey Veronica! I saw your note on facebook - didn't know you had a blog :). I blog too.
I love the butterfly! I do not have the confidence to tackle something like that. Super cute.


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