Bucket List

Got this idea from some friends....but decided to make a bucket list. It's always nice to have a point of reference in your life for goals. Not all of these are realistic for me, some are silly, some I've already done, but in no particular order:

1. See the Eiffel Tower
2. Read my bible more
3. Buy my dream home
4. Tour Europe
5. Spend more time on the floor playing with my kids
6. Find a career that I love
7. Stop biting my nails for more than a week
8. Lose weight
9. Take the family to Disney World
10. Take more time to read for pleasure
11. Catch up on scrapbooking
12. Cook more
13. Get more involved @ church
14. Raise god-fearing children
15. Be the best grandma ever
16. Get out of debt!
17. Take a spa weekend in NYC with April
18. Learn to drive a boat
19. Get a jet ski
20. Watch my kids get married (to Christians)
21. Publish something (book, article, etc.)
22. Go on a mission trip
23. Learn to play piano
24. Go skydiving
25. Be more content with the life I have NOW
26. Not compare myself to others
27. Have another romantic getaway with my hubs
28. Spend more time with my parents/siblings
29. Love me for me
30. Volunteer more

What's your bucket list?

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