Ready to Roll

This is the conversation I just overheard my (almost) 2 yr. old & my 3 yr. old having that almost brought me to tears, cause they're so grown up!

Faith: "Caleb, are we ready to roll?"
Caleb: "Umm...Gym."
Faith: "Well, we have to go to the store first, then we can go to the gym."
Caleb: "PARK!"
Faith: "You wanna go to the park?"
Caleb: "Umm....yep."
Faith: "Ok, first we need seat belts so we can be safe. We're ready to roll! Let's go to the park!"
Caleb: "YAY! PARK!"

LOL, I love their day-t0-day conversations. Precious. And so safety conscious. Faith is such a mother.

And in other news, Faith just came to me and said, "Mommy, Caleb is trying to eat my lipstip (lipstick). Can you beat him up for me?" - HA. We always say that to each other when we're play wrestling...I guess we need to come up with a new phrase!

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Emily MacKenzie said...

oh how precious! I can't wait til L and D can talk to each other. They mostly just torment each other right now. :)


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