Kitchen Makeover - Part I

Some of you know this story, but if not, here's the abbreviated version:

February 7th, we had a warm day and all the ice and snow started to melt...into my house! My kitchen flooded and it was basically pouring in. Jeremy was, of course, out of town so I had to find someone to come take care of the issue. We had a restoration company come in to dry it out, and ended up finding a whole mess of other issues in the kitchen. We have a 2 ft. overhang in the kitchen and it's basically rotted out, down to the studs. Mold, leaks, the works. They tour out that entire wall, so for the last three months, I've been living with no sink or dishwasher (and let me tell you how OVER IT I am!)

After no returned calls, people not showing up, terrible luck, waiting on insurance, etc....we FINALLY got to work on the kitchen!!! We ended up calling my brother-in-law, Kirk, to come over for the weekend and help. Here's the result of the weekend work:

After ripping off the aluminum siding, we discovered it was actually overtop wood siding, probably painted with lead paint. Awesome.

Probably the most fun part of the project for the boys - demolition!

Goodbye rotted wall....hello breeze! Praise the Lord for a nice weather weekend.

Kirk is a pretty handy guy - he did most of the work.

End of day 1 - wall up. siding started. Electricity back on.

And...a new wall!! We had to get a new meter box, too cause there were a whole bunch of problems with the old one, of course.

Now, white would not be my first choice for siding, but it matches the white aluminum siding on the rest of the house, and since we can't afford to side the rest of the house for now, white will be just fine. It still looks a million times better than before. Nice work boys!! This week, Jeremy and I will be working on the inside...hopefully by this time next week, my kitchen will be put back together! YAY =]

Aside from the construction site that was our house this weekend, I got to have a nice visit with April and the boys. And, I got to meet my 3 week old nephew, Brennen!!! Here are pictures from what went on behind the scenes:

My sweet nephew, Brennen, 3 weeks old.

Faith enjoying her new helmet and scooter!

Cousins - Brennen, Isaiah, Faith, Caleb, and Jack

LOL - Love these kids! They were pretty great all weekend. Can't wait to see them again in two weeks!

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Emily MacKenzie said...

Wow, that is quite the demo! Isn't Kirk so handy? He has saved our butts a couple times with his carpentry gifts.
I love the picture's of the kids! They are so gorgeous!
good luck with the rest of your kitchen makeover!


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