Poopy incidents

Do you ever feel like you have days seem to be going just fine and the Devil tries to bring you down? Today was such a day for me...

This morning started out like any other. Maybe better, cause I always seem to wake up in a better mood when the sun is shining and it was beautiful day. I had lots of things on my 'to do' list - catch up on bills, run to the bank, drop off some things at the college that Jer had forgotten, get groceries, etc. So, I was motivated...but then, everything came down at once.

It started with the mail. We got a letter from the bank that holds our mortgage saying that we have an escrow shortage (how does that even happen - I thought it was built in to our mortgage) so we either have to pay an enormous amount of money up front or our mortgage will be going up by almost $200 a month for the next year....um, hi. I do not have $200 extra dollars a month right now, I barely have $10. And, of course I don't have a huge lump sum of money just lying around. Poopy incident #1.

Then, just as we're finally getting some headway on our kitchen (we are now on DAY 20 of construction since we tore out the wall)....we finally painted and put up the upper cupboards last night. Well, when they tore out the kitchen in February, they damaged a few of our cupboards, but of course the insurance didn't cover those, so we had to replace at the minimum the lower corner lazy susan. Found out today that not only is it WAY more money than I thought, but it will take 3 weeks to arrive.....3 WEEKS!!!! As if I haven't waited long enough, in three weeks will mark more than 4 months will no running water or dishwasher in my kitchen! I'm so annoyed!!! Poopy incident #2.

As many of you may know, Rochester College is not in the best financial situation. They're having to make budget cuts as anyone would imagine, and there is a real possibility that Jeremy could lose his job, maybe as soon as tomorrow. I'm not getting enough hours at work to help pay the bills will both of us employed, let alone trying to carry the household. Just when we thought we'd made a breakthrough in our debt, poopy incidences keep preventing us from reaching our goals of getting out of debt. This is, of course, poopy incidence #3, 4, & 5! AH!

Please keep our family in your prayers as we try to untangle all these poopy situations!!!


Emily MacKenzie said...

Money, work, broken kitchens...not fun!! We are praying for you guys!

Kara Miller said...

Oh Veronica, I am hugging you from here! Trust in God...I just was telling someone else God is good and he will provide. Poopies are not fun at all, in any shape or form! ha! I will pray for you!


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