3, 2, cereal...

Just another sappy blog about motherhood....

I love that Faith is finally at an age where she is a little more independent. The biggest perk is that she entertains herself in the morning till I wake up (or, to be more accurate, till Caleb wakes me up). Tonight, in the middle of our bedtime routine she said 'Mommy, don't forget....when I wake up in the morning, I turn on the tv and push 3, 2, cereal." (I have her trained to turn on channel 320, Noggin for cartoons)! LOL Love that kid. And I love Noggin. =]

And I love my little man. Tonight, I went to check on him, looking absolutely gigantic in his crib now-a-days, seeing him all curled up horizontally. I just watched him for a few seconds, completely in denial that he's going to be 2 on Friday. He started to stir and stretch a little bit, and me being the blubbering idiot that I am, teared up realizing that he still moved like an infant, with his precious faces and stretching...I totally had a flashback of holding him in the hospital. That, of course, made me tear up more cause I feel like life was moving so quickly when he joined our family, I didn't always get to stop and enjoy him being an infant, I sometimes feel like I barely remember it.

Just feeling blessed and completely unworthy of the honor of motherhood.

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Emily MacKenzie said...

Sweet, sweet post V. I feel the same way, and fight the urge to write a sappy post on motherhood most days... it's such an amazing experience. I think no matter when your second one comes, you feel like you don't get to take it in the same way. I love those nights you just watch 'em sleep and can't help but tear up.

...then there's the nights they keep you up from midnight til 3:15 (my Saturday night this weekend), and I have tears in my eyes for a totally different reason. :)


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