It's been awhile since I've updated everyone on our family (and included photos). As you know, Caleb is going to be TWO tomorrow....and before I get all sappy again and start tearing up, I'll just tell you that yesterday, I took the kids to Jeepers for the day. We did it for Faith when she turned 2, so I thought it was only fair. Plus, on Wednesdays, it's $5 for the entire day, unlimited rides. So, the kids had a blast, and Caleb rode EVERY ride...including the rollercoaster!!! (Yes, he ASKED me to ride, I did not force him to go...and he did NOT ride it again! LOL) Faith just watched from the sidelines.

Jeremy met us up for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, where again, Wednesdays is kids night (I'm all about saving money, people!) They had Cha! Cha! the frog walking around passing out balloons, some guys making balloon animals, another dude with a monkey puppet, and got to watch the scuba diver clean the fish tank...what a great place to take the kids (when they're old enough to not be terrified of the place, that is....I still have convince my kids to get past the Crocodile at the front entrance!) I'll leave you with a few pictures:

Conductors on the train @ Jeepers...they love to ring the bell!

The famous flying bananas....the ones I can't walk by anymore in the mall without the kids begging to go in!

My goofballs...driving the fire truck

They were pretty worn out by the end of the night!

Caleb enjoying his birthday sundae @ Rainforest Cafe

We had such a good day....tomorrow, I'm taking the kids out to my mom's for a visit, then off to Castaway Cafe in Howell (the state's largest indoor play area) - so, they should be sleeping good this weekend! 

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Tamara said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!! It sure sounds like you've had a wonderful time celebrating it!!! Veronica - I feel the same way about Grace turning 2. I can't believe it...


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