Caleb is TWO!!!!

Yesterday, June 5, 2009: My little man turned two! We couldn't afford to throw him a big party this year, but I wanted to make sure we had as much fun as possible....and BOY, did we! Yesterday was completely PACKED FULL of fun, the only way to give you an idea of our day is to give you the break down:

7:30am - Woke up/ fed the kids breakfast/ got everyone ready for the day

9:20am - Took Jeremy to work/was going to stop by small group but no one was there, so changed plans/ran some errands

10:45am - Stopped @ the Kensington Metro park Petting Zoo to check out all the animals while we waited for grandma to get off work.

12:15pm - Caleb chose McDonalds as his birthday lunch (shocker, I know!)

1:00pm - Went to the fire department for kids day to check out the fire trucks! (Which would have been the perfect thing for Caleb, BUT it was over when we got there...so we settled for looking from afar)

1:15pm - Went to my Aunt Dar's to check out her garage sale/ say hello to family/ meet my mom and nephew Braiden

2:00pm - Drove to Castaway Cafe for some birthday fun @ the HUGE indoor playland! (This included opening presents with grandma, snack time, and lots of play time!)

5:00pm - headed home with some very exhausted kids who hadn't napped yet

6:15pm - got home/ played with new toys/ started dinner/ did some speed cleaning for company

7:30pm - Had some dinner with Jon and Holly/ opened more presents/ and had some ice cream cake

9:00pm - Bath time & bed

9:45pm - Rock Band time for adults!

12:00am - CRASH!!!

I think Caleb had a fun day, and needless to say, we were EXHAUSTED! I was so busy yesterday, I didn't even get a chance to talk about this love of my life named Caleb Isaac King. This birthday was particularly hard for me, because it means I no longer have babies in my house, I now have two full-blow toddlers/pre-schoolers to chase after! Also because, as I mentioned in the last few blogs, I don't feel like I got the time to stop and enjoy Caleb's infant-hood as much as I would have liked and watching him grow up so fast breaks my heart a little. Luckily, I always have lots of pictures to help me remember:

Petting the goats @ the petting zoo

A rare moment of peace between these two siblings! LOL (jk, they actually are pretty sweet when they want to be)

Got them to pose for me - and look how cute!

I'm so in love with this guy, it's ridiculous.

Opening his 'Lighming Mckeen' from grandma!

Mommy loves you Caleb, more than you'll ever know!

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Kara Miller said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!!! Brynn's was today! It was such a fun day. It's hard sometimes to stop an enjoy it all while trying to keep up.


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