Arms of Love

Just wanted to share a few random thoughts that were on my heart this morning:

Life is an incredible thing. I am always amazed that there are people in the world who don't believe in God after having a child. If there isn't more proof of God in the witnessing of the miracle of life, I don't know what is. And God constantly reminds me of His love for me through my children. Believe it or not, they watch over me, the keep me alive, they protect me, they teach me more about Jesus than any bible class/sermon I've ever heard.

Accordingly, there is none more precious than a child's hug. They're sincere, without condition (although Jeremy and I have been known to bribe for hugs and kisses), and can alter my entire day. A few months ago, we had lunch with our preacher, Patrick and his wife, Kami and I vividly remember something Kami told me about her son, Duncan. When he was in boot camp to become a Marine, and there was no contact allowed, you can imagine how hard that must have been for his family. But Kami told me the hardest part was the physical ache for a hug from her son. I'm finding the truth in her words. While Faith gives great hugs, there's something very special about wrapped up in the arms of a son.

Caleb is now at an age when he hugs without being asked, and squeezes with all his might. I can't put him down in the morning without one of those hugs. And there are days when I do, in fact, ache for them. To the point it almost hurts. Maybe it's the subconscious realization that my baby is no longer a baby and that I might not get those precious moments much longer. Whatever the reason, those hugs keep me going.

In tribute to the miracle of life and the love of a son, Congratulations to Rebekah and Ben, whose son was born yesterday - theirs is a beautiful story that I encourage you to read, and it has touched my heart beyond words. They've been on my mind all week, and I can think of no one more deserving of parenthood! I know their journey is just beginning...

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Kara Miller said...

their story is such an awesome testament of God's love and grace


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