Birthday pictures

Okay, so it's a little late in the game to post these, but they're Oh-So-Cute!!! I took a few at home pictures of Caleb for his 2nd birthday. I am seriously so excited to get his mini album started, but I have to order the prints first (plus, we have so much going on this week that I have no time to work on it). Here's my sweet, sweet little man:

How can you not want to kiss this kid all over?!?

He looks so old in this picture. It's heart breaking.

There was just something I loved about this pose.

Again, getting SO big! And handsome!

Jeremy Jr.

I feel like I have blogger's block. There are some things I feel on my heart, just haven't found the means to get them out and write them down. But posting pictures of my kids is always a great filler! =]

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