Prayers for Jeremy

Yesterday, around 3pm, the hubs was admitted to the hospital for Diverticulitis...

Late last week, Jeremy was experiencing a lot of lower abdominal pain. He couldn't even mow the grass, so I finally convinced him to go to Urgent Care in Rochester to check it out. They did an X Ray, found a few calcium deposits and blood in his urine, so they decided that it could be Kidney Stones....baring pain through the weekend, we had to wait til Monday to see our Doc. Monday involved an annoying and long visit to the doctor, followed by a Cat Scan, coming home with little or no information.

They called early Tuesday morning and ask that Jeremy come to the hospital ASAP. So, I picked him up after lunch and away we went. They've discovered Diverticulitis, which is a condition where pockets in the colon become inflamed and infected. Glamorous, I know. So, they've hooked hubs up with IV antibiotics to help the infection, did some blood work, and wouldn't let him eat or drink ANYTHING yesterday.

This morning, our doctor finally came to visit, informing Jeremy that if all goes well, he can leave this evening - but not without recourse. Jeremy's diet will be forever changing, and at least for the next week he'll be on a liquid diet. Furthermore, they think this may be onset by something worse, possibly Colitis. NOT FUN. And of course, the hubs is less than thrilled.

Thank you for everyone who has prayed/texted/called/facebooked...we really appreciate it. Please continue to pray that everything goes smoothly and that it's nothing too serious. Now, off to the hospital to visit with Jer some more, and his family.


Kara Miller said...

Yikes, this is the first I had heard about this! No fun at all. I am definitely praying for him and your family...I am sure Mark J will be a great resource for him on how to deal with this.

Emily MacKenzie said...

Praying for Jer, and you!


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