Kitchen Update #783

Okay, so maybe I have updated THAT many times about my kitchen, but it sure feels that way (and I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about it!) It's been a slow....and I mean sllloooowww makeover between all the set backs, busy schedules, etc. But, alas, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We still have no running water or working sink or dishwasher, but that IS the next step. Here's what we've completed this week:

Jeremy rolling on the finish (doing the countertop ourselves was a BIG project, but saved us a lot of money)

Using the router to cut beautiful edges...

And TADA! I'm so impressed with the hubs, who knew he was so handy? Now, we still have to glue and cut the back splash, but first things first....

Let's get this sink in! This cut was a pain for some reason

But we got the sink in!!! Hopefully tonight while I'm working, the hubs will be able to hook up the plumbing and get the sink and dishwasher up and running! I may be doing cartwheels on my way home tonight!!! =]

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Emily MacKenzie said...

Oh Yay!! And Yay some more! I do not know how you having been surviving without your kitchen. Seriously, with two small children...you are a hero! I'm so glad it's finally coming together!


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