Right smack in the middle

I'm finding myself right smack in the middle of life. So many things started, nothing really finished. Goals and dreams, but nothing yet accomplished. I haven't yet determined if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but here's what's going on in the middle of my life:

First, I'll start with an update on the hubs:

Jeremy is doing much better, thank you for all your prayers. He had a follow-up appointment today with our doctor, and he can go back to his regular diet (minus seeds and nuts, of course). I was going to take him out to eat to celebrate his being able to eat solid foods again, but time and finances restricted us, so we noodles and hot dogs with the kids at home! (probably not the meal he was dreaming about all week - sorry babe!)

Other than that, a lot is in the midst. We are still working on the kitchen. This week marks 5 months...yes, you read that correctly, 5 MONTHS, since I've had a running sink or dishwasher. But, we got the ordered cupboard in, we've cut the counter top, and tomorrow we're planning on putting it all together. Once the counter top is finished and in place, we can put the sink back in!!! I'm anxiously awaiting my blessed reunion with my beloved kitchen sink!

I've started Caleb's mini album this evening. Once I start a project, I hate leaving it til it's done, so I'm sure I'll get it finished soon and will post pictures!

Tonight, I spent three hours cleaning and re-organizing my laundry room! It was a lot of work, but it's been driving me crazy! I've been storing most of my kitchen in there for the past 5 months, so I was finally able to get that all out and clean it. And, I've been wanting to make room to put our deep freezer in there. It looks great (well, as great as it can look - it's still a laundry room).

Not a whole lot else going on. Well, there is something else, but I can't post about it just yet. I've been itching to really enjoy the summer, I haven't done anything summer-y yet. So tomorrow, I'm taking the kids swimming and I'm going to enjoy the day off in the sun! =]

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