Mini album #2 complete

Alright, so I know that if you follow my blog, you've seen these pictures before of Caleb, but I finally finished his 'year 2' mini-album and I'm so proud of them, I have to share! Caleb's album turned out really fun, I decided to stick with a one-paper theme. Because the album is so small, it's hard to find room for journaling, but it was fun to be creative on ways to do it!

The cover...'Caleb turns 2' - I LOVE the clock idea:

'Caleb is 2' - My man's ginormous hands and a little note from mommy:

'Silly stories about Caleb' - This page isn't quite finished yet, cause I haven't decided on the last really funny story:

'What I love about Caleb @ 2' - The two cards are tucked into the paper, so you can take them out and read more journaling (there's A LOT I love about this little guy):

'Caleb's favorite things' - Pretty self-explanatory...all the things Caleb loves @ this age:

There's a little green ribbon under Caleb's picture that flips the picture up to reveal a poem called 'Why God made little boys':

'My prayer for you' - The 'Live, Laugh, Love' tag swivels and has some journaling hidden behind it:

'Letters for you' - Obviously, the envelope holds birthday letters from Mommy and Daddy:

The back: Simple, and complete!


Becky said...

wow!! I have so much to learn....:)

Kara Miller said...

Wow! It's absolutely amazing...forget the preschool start doing scrapbooks professionally! ok, just kidding! Now I think I will never attempt to do one cuz I know it would look silly compared to what you can create.

Clarice said...

I love your mini-albums. Have you submitted any to scrapbook magazines?

veronking2003 said...

Thanks everyone! It's really not that hard - if I can do it, anyone can do it! But I borrow a lot of my ideas....usually starts with a magazine or an idea book page that inspires me, then I put it together with my own pictures, so I can't claim full creativity on them! It's just a fun hobby for me!


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