Cedar Point

I had a CRAZY weekend...it was a ton of fun. It started off on Thursday, really, taking the kids swimming, trying to get a TB test (a failed attempt), and PT rehearsal. Friday, I went back and finally did the TB test, got a registry clearance, did some shopping, and had the best night @ work. Saturday, we got up and cleaned the house like crazy, went to my cousin Holly's graduation party, then headed to the Graney's for more PT practice and a BBQ/Bonfire. My sister-in-law came into town Saturday night (along with Jer's parents) so that we could go to Cedar Point yesterday!

We had a great day. The weather was perfect. A little on the warm side if you were standing in the direct sun with no wind, but the breeze was beautiful. I usually hate going to CP this time of year, because it's right in the middle of summer and it's always busy.....plus, Mel has never been to CP so I would hate to spend the whole day in line and not get to ride most everything.

Well, we rode EVERYTHING! The lines were reasonable. The longest wait we had was about an hour for the Dragster, and only because they shut it down TWICE while we were in line. We were finished riding everything by 8pm and decided to head home since Mel still had to drive 4 hours home after our 3 hour drive from CP to my house!

I realized I'm getting older because I can't handle CP like I used to. I still LOVE the rides, I'm just not as willing to wait in line forever for them. Plus, I was so tired most of the day, and could barely drive home. But I'm so glad I finally got to go, it's been two years! (I went to King's Island last year) And, I finally got to ride the Maverick, which was awesome!
Great way to end a great weekend!

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