We are family...I got all my cousins with me!

I finally had an evening where I was in bed before midnight (in fact, I was in bed before 11) - and I can't sleep. So, I'll blog.

Last Thursday, I headed out to Brighton to meet up with a big chunk of my mom's side of the family. My cousin Laura was in town from the Navy, which only happens a couple times a year and I usually miss her when she comes. I don't get out that way much, so I brought the camera and a pair of heels...totally had a ton of fun! Even singing Karaoke from a cheap, out-dated TV plug-in set @ my mom's was fun....

Aww....Laura Jeane the beauty queen. Miss this girl!

The whole gang @ Memories

Me, Holly-wolly, and Alex

Laura, Holly (who was working as our server), and me

Laura, Aunt Terri, Me, Mom, Dolly, Aunt Dar

Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of my weekend in St. Louis! I'm gonna try to catch some Zzz's....

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