St. Louis

I can't believe it's already been a week since we were driving home from St. Louis...and yet it feels like it was weeks ago! And I'm just now getting around to posting pictures! It's been a crazy, non-stop week!

Anyway...last Saturday, we set out on a 10 hour drive to St. Louis - The hubs, myself, and the Knutson's - to sing for a friend at a rally. Even though we only stayed one day and drove for two days, we still had a ton of fun! Tried some St. Louis pizza from Imo's (yummy), stopped for a group breakfast @ IHOP, and got a chance to visit the arch. I'll tell the rest of the story with pictures:

Gettin' our praise on @ Florissant Church of Christ + 300 kids = Awesome

Some of my best friends - my life would not be the same without them!

Visiting the arch with the hubs

Stoppin' in downtown St. Louis before heading home

There's still so much to write about this past week: Like recording, which has been tons of fun, late night run to Applebees with some awesome peeps, getting to see one of my best friends from Florida on Friday, having friends over last night for an early birthday celebration....so much has happened.

AND, I'm pretty much booked this week:

am: Catch-up day. Already paid bills, cleaned the house, finalized plans for the rest of the week, laundry, dishes, etc.
pm: PT practice @ the church

am: lunch with a friend
pm: work

am: possibly a combined birthday lunch with Vicki and our mutual friends, and a movie
pm: church

THURSDAY (aka My birthday)
am: birthday lunch (if wednesday doesn't work)
pm: PT recording

am: Trip to the Zoo w/ our play group
pm: PT recording

am: spend some time with the hubs. Take a deep breath.
pm: Work

Somewhere in there, I have to find time for a date with the hubs for my birthday so we can see the new G.I. Joe movie that's coming out!!! So much to do, so little time!

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