Birthday Bliss

If you had asked me a few months ago how old I was going to be this year, I would have really had to think about it...I'm not keeping track anymore, sometimes I really do forget how old I am!

But for record's sake, I turned 27 yesterday. And for the first time in a long time, I felt like I was able to celebrate with some sweet friends that have made this summer one of the best! Last Sunday, everyone came over to our place to celebrate with cake and ice cream and, of course, Rock Band! Then yesterday, Vicki and I had a combined birthday lunch (her birthday was last week) with our favorite mutual friends. We went to Red Coat Tavern in Royal Oak - if you've never been you HAVE go to for their burgers...AMAZing - and went to downtown Birmingham to see "Away We Go". It was a great afternoon. More praise team recording followed for Thursday evening, and then more Rock Band!

My celebrating is not done (gotta do it right!)...I am still looking forward to celebrating with my family on Sunday, and having a birthday date with the hubs on Sunday evening (to hopefully see G.I. Joe!!) But I'm trying to keep up with all the picture taking this week:

Me, Vicki, Dana, Teresa

The birthday girls - me and Vicki

Sarah, Kara, Kristen, Holly - sweet girls!

Me, Vicki, Teresa, Mindy

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