Weight Loss Wednesday

Ah....welcome to my weight loss journey! I've been so motivated and busy, I haven't blogged about much since last Wednesday. But, let me catch you up.

I know this is it. I can feel it in my bones. I don't want to be skinny, I want to be healthy! I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I've been working so hard this week....I've been at the gym EVERY DAY except Sunday (even God rested!). Let's first check in with the goals I set last week:

1. Drink more water.
Not only have I been drinking a ton more water every day, it's been the ONLY thing I've had to drink all week! =]

2. Do 200 sit ups/crunches a day.
I'm incredibly proud of myself here, because the first two days were tough....but I've done more than 200 a day (except Sunday, of course). This week, I've totaled 2,700 (if you're keeping track, that's a daily average of 385.71)!! =]

3. Eat smaller portions.
My entire life, I've been trained to finish my plate. This is a tough one, cause I don't really think about it til my meal is finished and I'm too full. However, I've been not only trying to eat less (starting by just putting less in front of me) but also eating slower and stopping when I start to feel full. =]

4. Break one sweat a day.
I can't believe how much I've sweat this week. Even Sunday, I broke a sweat doing major house cleaning. **I realize this is a little OCD, but it's really a motivational thing for me to know my week's total, so deal with it.** Here's the breakdown of what I've done:
2,700 sit ups/crunches
61.34 miles of biking
8 miles on foot
I've also done various arm exercises, and 1 hour of cardio kickboxing

Drum roll please.....


X* - 6lbs!!!

*X is my starting weight, which I'm still not ready to reveal....ha!

I've had highs and lows all week. I haven't had any trouble (YET) getting up and going to the gym, and I feel great after sweating like a disgusting pig. But it is so frustrating to work so hard and know that it's gonna take awhile to see the results I really want. (Don't you wish you could just get rid of it all with one great workout?!?)

Okay, some new goals this week:

1. Keep a health journal.
2. No eating after 9pm.
3. No buying anymore clothes til I lose at least 10lbs.
4. Cut my slurpee intake to once a week (In case you didn't know, slurpees are my downfall!)

WISH ME LUCK. See you next week!


Emily said...

6lbs! That's incredible! You should be so proud! I am! You have a great head on your shoulders about it all and I know you are going to be successful. Yay V!

Katy and Phil said...

Vee- I am super proud of you! Isn't it great how much more energy you have after working out! I have been taking a Zumba class (latin dancing) and I LOVE it! I am totally with you on the not eating after 9pm. Phil and I are TERRIBLE about that!

Kara Graves said...

Congratulations! You are such a hard worker, I am impressed, that takes a lot of dedication!


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