First day jitters

Today was my first official day @ the preschool! I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing, probably because I know I have a good two weeks with Stephanie to prep me for the first day with kids (which I am DEFINITELY nervous about).

The day went nothing like I had planned, but in a good way. Since the preschool is switching ownership this year, they've had to go through a lot of changes this summer, including licensing. The licensing lady is coming in tomorrow, and there wasn't much put together. I was able to stay for the entire day to help organize everything. I enjoyed it because I got to see where everything belongs and how everything is set up and because I got to know Stephanie a little better. I'm lucky to work with such a great girl, and every hour I felt a little more at ease about the upcoming weeks.

It's been awhile since I've been in the education circle. I'm a little rusty, but my passion for teaching is slowly being dusted off, and my anxiety is being replaced by anticipation the more prepared I become. I'm totally OCD when it comes to planning, so hopefully I'll have everything ready to go once September 8th rolls around and I get to see all those beautiful faces in my room!

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