Summa Summa Summatime!

It FINALLY feels like summer these last few weeks.

Maybe it's cause the weather's been abnormally cool for June/July...

Maybe cause I haven't done much outside of the house...

Either way, I've finally been able to enjoy it summer the way it's meant to be enjoyed. Over the last two weeks, we've gone swimming, been to the park, watched Daddy play baseball, played in the backyard, laid out in the sun (just me, not the kids), had a picnic, went a graduation party, had a bonfire....I'm lovin' it!

I haven't even gotten to the weekend yet...we're hangin' at the pool tomorrow with Holly-Wolly, and working on the kitchen counters tomorrow night. Saturday is full of cleaning/playing in the backyard/cook-out/baseball games. And Sunday is TBA (but it'll be something fun, I assure you...I'm just not planning it.)

Love me some summatime!

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