A Momma's Heart

AHHH....My Momma's heart feels full today.

I have been reflecting about being a momma a lot this weekend. I made the comment to my husband the other day about I seem to be more connected with my son lately than my daughter. I thought maybe it was because my son is a little more attention craved and demanding at this age than my sweet girl and she tends to take care of herself these days. Maybe it's because I'm trying to hold on to the last little bit of infant hood with my son since I don't think I'll be experiencing it again as a mother. Either way, I felt like the princess and I needed some 'girl's time'.

We decided on a family day Saturday with some break out 'girl's time' and 'boys time' - we took the kids to the mall and hung out for awhile, went our separate ways for shopping and leisure, and met again for lunch as a family. It turned out to be a pretty monumental day, starting off with Faith getting her FIRST HAIRCUT EVER!!!

Can you believe how long it got?!? I've been wanting to get it cut for awhile now...she always wants to wear it down but it was too fine and stringy, so it never looked decent. I finally caved and took her to carnival cuts. They actually did a great job, and she got a certificate for her first haircut, and I got her first locket of hair for her baby book.

Faith was very quite and shy through the whole thing, but she did a great job, and sat VERY still.

She was a bit nervous I think....but I nearly teared up when they gave me the first locket and I saw how long it was!

Faith - still not sure what to think.

There's my happy girl - we let her pick out a bow to take with her so she could wear it with her new haircut!

Bye bye hair!

Cutie pie, all dolled up - getting ready to get her nails painted!

First ever haircut + girl's day pedicures + lunch with our favorite boys = a pretty great day!

Faith loves her new haircut! She's been staring at herself in the mirror all weekend! She loves that she gets to wear it down now. I think it suits her pretty well. And I have a wonderful day bonding with my sweet girl.

In other sappy news, my son traced his entire alphabet at preschool on Thursday, and when he brought it over to show me, I totally teared up in the middle of class, beaming with pride because he had concentrated SO hard on it and did a fantastic job. Each time he finished tracing a letter, he stopped to put his hands in the air and said 'YES.' And he's only 2!!!

I am one blessed (and very proud) Momma.


My Husband's Watching TV... said...

LOVE the haircut and the bow is super cute!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

What a cute blog. I loved reading your descriptions on your kiddos. You seem to have a very sweet family. Love it!


Daisygirl said...

what a fun day you had! I love the new hair cut!!!

Kara Graves said...

this is just such a sweet blog, I love the haircut, Faith is beautiful!

Lourie said...

How cute is she??? And wow, your boy is doing great. My son is 4, and while capable of doing that, he never would sit long enough. Hhaha. I think that is just awesome!

Marla said...

What a good mama you are!


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