Toddler Translator - 2nd Edition

I think my list of the funny things my kids say has gotten long enough now for another post. It's so priceless to hear them pronounce things they way they understand them, or to know where their interpretation comes from. Here are some of my recent favorites (along with their references):

Alligator = Elevator
"Mommy, I wanna ride da Alligator."

Azzert = Dessert
"If I eat all my supper, what's fer azzert?"

Slippery/Slurpery = Slurpee
"Mommy, can I share your Slurpery wif you?"

Nockles = Binoculars
"I can't see it, it's too far away. Lemme check my nockles."

Calc-a-later = Calculator
"Can I borrow yer calc-a-later to call Daddy?" LOL

Clickily = Clickety
(Makes reading 'Click Clack Moo' very entertaining!) "Click, clack, MOO. Click, clack, MOO. Clickily, clack, MOO."

Peanuts = Penis
"Daddy, this is my bum. This is my peanuts."

Excavator = Escalator
"I like to ride the excavator at the mall."

Swimminin = Cinnamon
"I want two cheese tacos and swimminin twists at Taco Bell!"

Erf = Earth
Injury = Energy
(Ever since Earth Day) "Mommy, you can't leave da lights on, it's bad fer da Erf. I will shut dem off and save you some injury." MY FAVORITE.

Gideon = Idiot
(Apparently, Faith thought the bible lesson I taught a few weeks ago during church on Gideon and his army must have been about a very bad word, cause when she heard her daddy say 'idiot', she said "That's a bad word, daddy - we learned about it at church.") HAHAHA

Stupendous = An abbreviated from of Stupid
Faith thought she was getting away with murder when she said stupendous and no one yelled at her. So, she started walking around the house chanting it!


Meredith said...


Lourie said...

My son also says Cal-ca-lator. hahaha. "peanuts" had me laughing. hahaha.

Kara Graves said...

oh, I am so glad I clicked over to your blog, I got the best case of the giggles.

My Husband's Watching TV... said...

Hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh this Friday AM.

Alyssa said...

That is so funny! My son used to call escalators, excavators, too! He also thought that if he said "crupid" instead of stupid, that he wouldn't get in trouble, but that word landed him in timeout, too!

Anonymous said...

Totally heard the first one and a few of these other ones come out from my toddlers! The most recent one is "Don't touch mommy's blazer" Which is my 3 year old warning the others not to go near the bathtub and touch mommy's razor. (It is out of reach....but they apparently heard me talk about its dangers.)

Fresh Mommy said...

Toooo cute!! My daughter says alligator as well ;) I just love kid speak!



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