The obsession begins...

I haven't had cable since we moved in May. And, in fact, I don't miss it one bit. Okay, maybe a little bit (I do miss DVR). I decided that I didn't watch enough or had enough money to warrant getting cable right away when we moved and now I don't really need it. I don't watch much anyway. I do miss Nick Jr. =]

That being said, I'm a little out of the loop when it comes to new shows, etc. The only TV I really get is what's playing at work, which is usually ESPN (I tend to tune most of that out anyway).  What's more sad is that I am still hanging onto my addiction of 'Friends' and watch it on DVD on a regular basis - all 10 seasons - and am in denial about that fact that it doesn't run anymore! 

My friends decided that we (Jeremy included) needed to jump on 'The Office' bandwagon. Most of our friends watch it, and lent us the first four seasons on DVD. Thus the obsession begins....

My obsession is not in the show itself (although I do enjoy watching it). It's in getting caught up so that I can watch new episodes. I hate seeing commercials for new episodes and knowing I'm not there yet and don't want to ruin the plot by watching new ones. So, I've been driving Jer crazy making him watch them with me whenever we have a free 20 minutes together (which doesn't happen often anymore, so it's taking awhile). It's also nice to have a new show to be involved in, especially when you watch it from the beginning. It's been so bad, in fact, that one night Jer and I discovered that we were missing a disc out of season 2, couldn't find it, couldn't get it to play from Jer's hard drive, so we literally ran to the store and bought the whole season!  I guess that means we're officially Office fans.

I promised that I would less crazy when I get caught up. And I think I will be. Until then, I've been dreaming about Jim and Pam, wondering what's going to happen next.



It's a little late in the season for my annual 'I love fall' post, but I felt it still note-worthy. And, Autumn has flown by this year, I didn't really get the chance to appreciate it in full! I did get the chance to take the family to Yates Cider Mill for Cider and Donuts (my favorite) but we didn't have time to carve pumpkins yet. My favorite fall/Halloween activity thus far has been the Trunk-or-Treating @ the church:

I volunteered to help out this year. As my luck would have it, I was away or working the three sundays pre-ceding the event, so I didn't really get in touch with anyone to organize (and if you know me, you know I'm a little OCD). It also worked out that Jeremy was out of town in Indiana on a DeeperStill trip, so I had the kids on my own (what was I thinking!?!) I got there a few hours early to help set up and bring the treats I made, and stayed for about 5 hours to help clean up afterward. I was EXHAUSTED but what a fun event!!! I spent a good two hours coming up with and decorating my trunk thinking it was cute, only to find it was mediocre compared to some of the trunks there! I was so impressed with the creativity and effort put in by everyone....what a cute idea!
All in all, it was very fun night. Thank goodness for Holly Knutson helping me pass out candy and watch the kids. I probably wouldn't have been able to do it without her help. I love my little munchkins all dressed up for Halloween. Always puts a smile on my face =]


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