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I'm Veronica King-Cunningham. Welcome to my blog! If you know me, you know I am nothing special on my own, but the people in my life make me look pretty good. I am the mother of 5 amazing kids, and I proudly wear the love to two wonderful men in my life - along with both of their last names! I'm not great at any one thing, but I definitely dabble in a lot: singing, cooking, reading, crafts, name, I've probably tried it! I love trying new restaurants and traveling to lead worship. I am passionate about using my grief journey to bring hope to others. I am currently one of the weekly authors of Widow's Voice

Mr. King

This is my Jeremy, just weeks before he died suddenly of a heart attack on November 9, 2010 and my life as I knew it ended. This man was full of life: he loved hunting and fishing, was a proud Canadian, yelled at the TV when Hockey was on, sang his heart out for God leading worship, was crass yet loving, sweet and stubborn, and brutally honest. Most importantly, this man loved his family fiercely. He was an incredible daddy and a wonderful husband. He taught me about love. He gave me three beautiful children that I see him in every day. I continue to daily make the commitment to living a life worthy of being his queen, and to make him proud. The mark he left on the world will never be forgotten.

Mr. Cunningham

This is my wonderful husband, Steve. I can't tell you how lucky I am to have found more than one good man in my life, and this guy is as good as they get. I fell in love with his sense of humor, chivalry, integrity, love of God, and the amazing father he is. In return, he accepted every piece of my broken heart and holds my hand as I continue to walk this journey of grief. He was a brief friend of Jeremy's and our story together is an amazing one of redemption, put together by God. As a grief/bereavement counselor, he is passionate about helping others in loss as well, and writes for his own blog, Love in the Aftermath. I think we make a pretty great team and can't wait to see where God takes us together.

The Princesses

These beautiful girls are my daughters, Zada (11), Reagan (9), and Faith (7). How did I get so lucky? Watch out boys, their father is on full alert! God has given me the honor of mothering Zada and Reagan, and made me a mother for the first time when Faith came into the world. It's another cool piece of our story that even though these girls come from different genes, they look like sisters - and we like to think that was intentional. 
Zada is our thoughtful, creative, 48 year-old-in-a-10-year-old-body, soft spoken beauty. She loves all things zebra print, loves to bake and is the author of her own blog, "Little Apron Big Ideas", and is the cleanest, most organized kid I've ever met! 
Reagan is the spice of life - she's never met a stranger and was made for the stage. With a quirky sense of humor, boisterous voice, and big beautiful toothless smile, she keeps us constantly laughing and entertained. She loves peace signs and dancing. 
Faith is our tender-hearted sweetheart who has a great sense of humor! She's stubborn and sweet, super shy when if she doesn't know you but once she's comfortable - watch out, she's crazy! She loves to be silly, is a rule follower and smarty pants. And God gave her an impeccable memory to hold onto to special moments she got to share with her daddy.

The Princes

Could these gingers be any cuter? I don't think so, either! I used to pray not to have red-headed children, but I am so thankful God knew my heart better than I did, cause I absolutely love it! 
Caleb is the carbon-copy of his handsome daddy. I see Jeremy in his face every day and I'm so thankful for the gift that he is to me. He is a definite momma's boy who loves math and is obsessed with all things Cars. He's sensitive and sweet, but all boy. If he's not playing with his brother, I can usually find him playing video games or building a train track. 
Carter is the last gift Jeremy ever gave me. This little man saved my life in my darkest hours with his heart-melting smile and cuddles. When I couldn't live for myself, he kept me going. Even though he never got to meet his daddy face to face, Carter knows him by face, by voice, and by memories that we pass on to him daily. Like his brother, this man-cub is a Cars fanatic in the making! He's very sensitive to the feelings of those around him and he and his dada are very good buddies, which could not warm my heart more. 


glenda said...

Beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family God has blessed you with! I am friends with Debi Rutledge and Scott Cagnet (and probably others who know you). I started following your blog after Debi mentioned it on Facebook. Your story is inspiring. God bless you in your journey. ~Dawn

Maria Roy said...

I just love following your blog. Your story, your life - is a beautiful picture of Gods redeeming grace even through the most horrible events. You are loved by your heavenly Father and I believe He is going to continue to use you to ministry to many! Thank you for your real raw heart!

Anonymous said...

Your boys look just like Jeremy - and they are beyond adorable!!!

Unknown said...

Veronica, you have an amaaaazing gift to put into words the very soul of your heart!! Thank you for blessing us all with your gift! Love you~

Nicole said...

I started following your blog long before Jeremy passed away. I will never forget the day you posted about Jeremy's death. It sucked the breath out of me and I had to re-read it several times. I just couldn't believe it. I just cried and cried. I have continued to read every post you have written since that date and am so happy for you and the life you and Steve have created for your children. Blessings on the birth of your new baby. Blessings for your future and the future of your whole family.


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