Birthday pictures

Okay, so it's a little late in the game to post these, but they're Oh-So-Cute!!! I took a few at home pictures of Caleb for his 2nd birthday. I am seriously so excited to get his mini album started, but I have to order the prints first (plus, we have so much going on this week that I have no time to work on it). Here's my sweet, sweet little man:

How can you not want to kiss this kid all over?!?

He looks so old in this picture. It's heart breaking.

There was just something I loved about this pose.

Again, getting SO big! And handsome!

Jeremy Jr.

I feel like I have blogger's block. There are some things I feel on my heart, just haven't found the means to get them out and write them down. But posting pictures of my kids is always a great filler! =]


A new tradition

Today, I scrapbooked my first ever mini-album.

It sounds nerdy, but I'm totally geeked! =] I've actually decided I am going to start this tradition for my kids: I am going to make a mini album for each year. This idea came to me because I had taken a bunch of photos of Faith when she turned 3, and I wanted to keep them all together. Rather than try to fit them all on one layout, I thought a mini-album was a perfect idea! It also gave me a chance to record all the things I love about Faith at this age. I've already started the tradition of writing my kids a letter on their birthday every year, but wasn't sure where I was going to host them. I had also bought some decorative file folders on sale at Target awhile ago knowing they would be great for something, I just wasn't sure what...well, what a great solution to all my scrapbooking dilemmas! Hope you enjoy:

The cover...I love the angel wing

I little snippet for Faith, and her handprints to remember her precious little hands

Silly stories about Faith (most of them featured on my blog)

My favorite things about Faith @ 3

According to Faith: I asked Faith what her favorite things were, and these were the answers she gave me.

This I pray: A little pocket book of hopes, wishes, and prayers I have for Faith now and in the future.

Letters of Love: A birthday note from Mommy and Daddy

Each side of the page folds down to reveal the letters we wrote! =]

I can't wait to order Caleb's photos so I can make his album!!! =]

Arms of Love

Just wanted to share a few random thoughts that were on my heart this morning:

Life is an incredible thing. I am always amazed that there are people in the world who don't believe in God after having a child. If there isn't more proof of God in the witnessing of the miracle of life, I don't know what is. And God constantly reminds me of His love for me through my children. Believe it or not, they watch over me, the keep me alive, they protect me, they teach me more about Jesus than any bible class/sermon I've ever heard.

Accordingly, there is none more precious than a child's hug. They're sincere, without condition (although Jeremy and I have been known to bribe for hugs and kisses), and can alter my entire day. A few months ago, we had lunch with our preacher, Patrick and his wife, Kami and I vividly remember something Kami told me about her son, Duncan. When he was in boot camp to become a Marine, and there was no contact allowed, you can imagine how hard that must have been for his family. But Kami told me the hardest part was the physical ache for a hug from her son. I'm finding the truth in her words. While Faith gives great hugs, there's something very special about wrapped up in the arms of a son.

Caleb is now at an age when he hugs without being asked, and squeezes with all his might. I can't put him down in the morning without one of those hugs. And there are days when I do, in fact, ache for them. To the point it almost hurts. Maybe it's the subconscious realization that my baby is no longer a baby and that I might not get those precious moments much longer. Whatever the reason, those hugs keep me going.

In tribute to the miracle of life and the love of a son, Congratulations to Rebekah and Ben, whose son was born yesterday - theirs is a beautiful story that I encourage you to read, and it has touched my heart beyond words. They've been on my mind all week, and I can think of no one more deserving of parenthood! I know their journey is just beginning...


Find Me

Okay, okay....

For all those who've been asking to hear it, I finally recorded the song I wrote!!! It took me quite awhile to fully get my voice back. However, I feel it necessary to make disclaimers...it's obviously not an awesome recording, between Jeremy and I have, we only have enough vocal ability to lay down three harmony parts, and it's a little rough around the edges. This is still a work in progress, but it's kinda fun to have it. Even more fun was hearing my kids singing along with me in the car the other day! =] 

Here's the irony: While the song is called 'Find Me' - after an hour and a half, I couldn't find a way to easily put this song on my blog, so until I figure it out, you'll just have to download it (sorry!) Here's the link :

Hope you enjoy!


Looking Forward...

I love Sundays.

I've always loved Sundays. Even as a kid, there was something about everyone getting up and getting ready for church together that I loved. I love dressing up, looking my best (not that I think it's required for church, I just love the excuse to dress up!) And now, I love the Sunday routine we've created as a family: Getting ready together in the morning while we dance and listen to praise and worship, go to class/service, find some friends to have lunch and fellowship with, take an aMAZing Sunday nap, and family time in the evening.

I also love Sundays cause it gives me another fresh start to look forward to another week. And today was especially fun because we got to hang out with some great friends at Olive Garden, and because I might have a few things to look forward to not just this week, but also in months to come. But it made me think of all the things that I'm really looking forward to in the near future...here are just a few:

-I am excited/anxious to try and potty train Caleb sometime this week. Wish me luck!
-I am looking forward to a girl's day with Faith very soon
-My cupboard is coming this week, so I am looking forward to having a kitchen again!
-I am looking forward to picking up my new glasses.
-My mom is coming out this week to help me garden! I have no experience whatsoever with gardening, and my front yard is an eye sore right now, so my mom has graciously offered to donate some flowers to me and make over my yard
-I am excited/nervous about a potential morning job for the fall that may be an answered prayer for our family
-I am totally excited for this amazing family that I've been following to finally have their prayers answered and add a member to their family any day now!
-I am looking forward to summer! Playing in the yard, at the park, at the beach, at the gym....I love summer!
-I am looking forward to making grandma's lasagna for dinner...mmm...
-I am totally looking forward to chillin' with the hubs tonight, curled up, watching a movie.

Do you have anything going on in the near future that you're looking forward to?


Caleb is TWO!!!!

Yesterday, June 5, 2009: My little man turned two! We couldn't afford to throw him a big party this year, but I wanted to make sure we had as much fun as possible....and BOY, did we! Yesterday was completely PACKED FULL of fun, the only way to give you an idea of our day is to give you the break down:

7:30am - Woke up/ fed the kids breakfast/ got everyone ready for the day

9:20am - Took Jeremy to work/was going to stop by small group but no one was there, so changed plans/ran some errands

10:45am - Stopped @ the Kensington Metro park Petting Zoo to check out all the animals while we waited for grandma to get off work.

12:15pm - Caleb chose McDonalds as his birthday lunch (shocker, I know!)

1:00pm - Went to the fire department for kids day to check out the fire trucks! (Which would have been the perfect thing for Caleb, BUT it was over when we got there...so we settled for looking from afar)

1:15pm - Went to my Aunt Dar's to check out her garage sale/ say hello to family/ meet my mom and nephew Braiden

2:00pm - Drove to Castaway Cafe for some birthday fun @ the HUGE indoor playland! (This included opening presents with grandma, snack time, and lots of play time!)

5:00pm - headed home with some very exhausted kids who hadn't napped yet

6:15pm - got home/ played with new toys/ started dinner/ did some speed cleaning for company

7:30pm - Had some dinner with Jon and Holly/ opened more presents/ and had some ice cream cake

9:00pm - Bath time & bed

9:45pm - Rock Band time for adults!

12:00am - CRASH!!!

I think Caleb had a fun day, and needless to say, we were EXHAUSTED! I was so busy yesterday, I didn't even get a chance to talk about this love of my life named Caleb Isaac King. This birthday was particularly hard for me, because it means I no longer have babies in my house, I now have two full-blow toddlers/pre-schoolers to chase after! Also because, as I mentioned in the last few blogs, I don't feel like I got the time to stop and enjoy Caleb's infant-hood as much as I would have liked and watching him grow up so fast breaks my heart a little. Luckily, I always have lots of pictures to help me remember:

Petting the goats @ the petting zoo

A rare moment of peace between these two siblings! LOL (jk, they actually are pretty sweet when they want to be)

Got them to pose for me - and look how cute!

I'm so in love with this guy, it's ridiculous.

Opening his 'Lighming Mckeen' from grandma!

Mommy loves you Caleb, more than you'll ever know!



It's been awhile since I've updated everyone on our family (and included photos). As you know, Caleb is going to be TWO tomorrow....and before I get all sappy again and start tearing up, I'll just tell you that yesterday, I took the kids to Jeepers for the day. We did it for Faith when she turned 2, so I thought it was only fair. Plus, on Wednesdays, it's $5 for the entire day, unlimited rides. So, the kids had a blast, and Caleb rode EVERY ride...including the rollercoaster!!! (Yes, he ASKED me to ride, I did not force him to go...and he did NOT ride it again! LOL) Faith just watched from the sidelines.

Jeremy met us up for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, where again, Wednesdays is kids night (I'm all about saving money, people!) They had Cha! Cha! the frog walking around passing out balloons, some guys making balloon animals, another dude with a monkey puppet, and got to watch the scuba diver clean the fish tank...what a great place to take the kids (when they're old enough to not be terrified of the place, that is....I still have convince my kids to get past the Crocodile at the front entrance!) I'll leave you with a few pictures:

Conductors on the train @ Jeepers...they love to ring the bell!

The famous flying bananas....the ones I can't walk by anymore in the mall without the kids begging to go in!

My goofballs...driving the fire truck

They were pretty worn out by the end of the night!

Caleb enjoying his birthday sundae @ Rainforest Cafe

We had such a good day....tomorrow, I'm taking the kids out to my mom's for a visit, then off to Castaway Cafe in Howell (the state's largest indoor play area) - so, they should be sleeping good this weekend! 


3, 2, cereal...

Just another sappy blog about motherhood....

I love that Faith is finally at an age where she is a little more independent. The biggest perk is that she entertains herself in the morning till I wake up (or, to be more accurate, till Caleb wakes me up). Tonight, in the middle of our bedtime routine she said 'Mommy, don't forget....when I wake up in the morning, I turn on the tv and push 3, 2, cereal." (I have her trained to turn on channel 320, Noggin for cartoons)! LOL Love that kid. And I love Noggin. =]

And I love my little man. Tonight, I went to check on him, looking absolutely gigantic in his crib now-a-days, seeing him all curled up horizontally. I just watched him for a few seconds, completely in denial that he's going to be 2 on Friday. He started to stir and stretch a little bit, and me being the blubbering idiot that I am, teared up realizing that he still moved like an infant, with his precious faces and stretching...I totally had a flashback of holding him in the hospital. That, of course, made me tear up more cause I feel like life was moving so quickly when he joined our family, I didn't always get to stop and enjoy him being an infant, I sometimes feel like I barely remember it.

Just feeling blessed and completely unworthy of the honor of motherhood.


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