On another note, I was just overhearing Faith's pretend phone conversations and it was just too good not to remember:

"Hi Diego. Yea yea yea. What are you doing? Yea yea yea. I just finished talking to Incredible Hulk. I can't eat Dora soup. Hi Incredible Hulk! Don't eat Dora! Ok? Ok. Bye Diego! Bye Incredible Hulk! Bye Dora!"

HAHAHAHA. I love two-year-olds.

Girl's Day Out

When I was younger and got a good report card, my mom would reward me by letting me skip a day of school and taking me out for the day. It would usually involve lunch, shopping, and a movie. I absolutely loved it and it was something I wanted to do with Faith. Not necessarily for a good grade, just to make it a regular thing for us to have girls time. It's hard to work out because I have to find someone to watch Caleb cause he's still too young to enjoy a movie, etc.

A few months ago, Faith and I had our first 'Girls Day' (I love the way Faith calls it that). We went to the mall, had lunch together, got our nails done, and saw 'Kung Fu Panda'. Last week, we had our second girls day. Faith and I went shopping at Old Navy, I let Faith pick out a toy at KY Toys (she picked a My Little Pony Treehouse), went to lunch at Johnny Rockets, got our nails done, and saw 'High School Musical 3'. Faith got her nails painted orange for Halloween and they put little spider webs on her toes and pumpkins on her fingers! And I was nervous about taking her to see HSM3 cause it's for older kids, but there wasn't another movie I could really take her to. We ended up being the only two in the theatre, and she stood up and danced the whole movie!! It was super cute. We had a really fun day.  My camera didn't have batteries, so I only got a couple pictures with my cell phone:

Faith's festive 'Haloween' toes!

Enjoying a milkshake @ Johnny Rockets!

I had so much fun with my little princess. It's nice to have some one-on-one with her...I can't believe how quickly she is growing up! I really treasures these moments with her. I hope the tradition will continue.


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