Speed Bumps

It always fascinates me how the devil sneaks in and tries to ruin your plans when you're not even looking....so sneaky....

This weekend was kinda crazy. Nothing really went as expected:

**Jeremy was planning on getting a lot of work done on the kitchen. However, we discovered there are some electrical issues that need to be taken care of outside the house first. This sets us back a few hundred more dollars, and a few more days of no kitchen (at this point, I barely remember having a kitchen anyway)
**We thought Caleb was feeling much better. After Wednesday, he was eating and acting normal. Sunday, while at my mom's he got really sick again, and on the way home got very sick ALL OVER the truck! Poor guy hasn't been holding food down for a week now!
**Yesterday, Jeremy lost his wallet. Had no idea how it happened or where it could be. The worst part is that Jeremy's green card is there, which we need in two weeks for Great Lakes Youth Rally, and it's almost $400 to replace!!!

What's even more fascinating than the devil's schemes is the way God trumps every move and works it all out in the end for His purpose:

**We should be able to get most of the kitchen done by ourselves, with the help of some very talented friends, who are huge blessings in this situation, lending us their expertise. Also, we'll be getting a much needed electrical problem fixed AND there's a possibility I may get to re-side my entire house in the process, which is totally exciting!!
**I took Caleb to the doctor this morning, and the doctor doesn't seem too concerned yet. He thinks it's likely just a bug, but put Caleb on bowel rest (just liquid for a couple days) in hopes to settle his stomach. If that doesn't seem to help, they'll do some stool samples. He was back to himself today, no throwing up or foul diapers, so here's hoping. Good news, the doctor doesn't think that mold is a factor (we were worried after opening the kitchen wall and exposing all that mold).
**Jeremy found his wallet!!!! Well, my mom found it. In her couch! LOL But I was so excited when she told me, I almost screamed on the phone while at Meijer....some woman passing me in the isle literally stop and turned around to look at me! HEY, that's an expensive thing to lose....so glad to have it back (and that Jer can legally drive with a license now!)

In all honesty, I believe God lets little wrenches get thrown into our plans, to continually remind us that we are not in control. And it's a reminder I need constantly. But I won't let the speed bumps throw me off course.


The Dude

It's 10:43am, and my poor little sick man is still sleeping...

I realized that recently, a lot has happened milestone-wise in Faith's life. I've been talking about her a lot, with her birthday, etc. The other night I was having a conversation with a friend about how I feel like I missed out on a lot of Caleb's infant-hood because I was so busy chasing after Faith (and she demands so much of my attention). And then literally, one morning I woke up, and Caleb wasn't a baby anymore! He was talking up a storm and keeping up with his sister. Where did my little baby go?!?

Caleb has a very special place in my heart. Nothing can be compared to the relationship between a mother and son. And though Caleb definitely comes with a fiery temper (to match his red hair) but he is just the sweetest guy. So snuggly, so loving. My favorite thing recently is when I hear him in another room realize he wants kisses, he'll say 'Oh, kisses!' and come running wherever I am with his lips puckered to give me the sweetest kisses on the planet! God knew what He was doing when he blessed me with Caleb in my life. He just melts my heart.

Yesterday, Caleb was very sick. High fever all day, throwing up....not good. But still had a sweet disposition and sense of humor. And even though I hate seeing my baby sick, I tried to enjoy a day of just snuggling, taking care of my kids (they were both sick). Just holding my man. Holding on to these days.


Happy Spring!

I feel like every year, around this time, I blog or post something about spring and the renewal of life....this year is no different. Seasons and weather totally affect my mood and personality, and Spring is my favorite season. I feel a deep drive to get going, spring-clean my house, and just jump start the life I put on hold in the winter time. (I should totally be a California girl!) There are always so many changes during this transition in my life.

This weekend was a powerful one for me. I had the privilege of singing on praise team for Illuminate @ Rochester Church this weekend. It's been awhile since I've been to a youth rally, and I've forgotten the power that comes with watching young kids praising the Lord together. I also sang on Sunday morning praise team @ church. Even though I had been sick all weekend and my voice was so weak (I barely had a speaking voice) God allowed something to come out every time I needed to sing! It was tons of fun, especially being able to sing with so many talented people that I admire.

The best part of my weekend was being able to develop new friendships. Over the last few months, Jeremy and I have really been able to get involved at church, and also get connected with some more people our age. I'm so thankful to be able to surround my kids with christian adults, especially when they have kids of their own. We were really missing out on the family life that comes with being connected with people. I pray that we can continue to build close relationships and friendships, to have people to share life with. I love making new friends!

I've also rediscovered the joys of finding new music and singing old favorites. My iTunes list is about to get much bigger....


Looking Up

It always amazes me how my life unfolds in the most unexpected ways. Even in the eye of the storm, I know the Lord has a plan to get me out. The last few months have been stressful for our family, to say the least. A lot of unknowns about money, the future, our family....there were points when I wasn't sure how I'd come out of it. But it's so great that I don't always have to know. It's been a long journey to try and overcome pride and learn how to covet prayers and help from other people, but the process has taught me so much.

I'm happy to announce that I finally can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Things that I thought were disasters are turning out to be a blessing in disguise. We're finally getting to a point in our lives where we shouldn't be struggling to stay afloat. We finally have a plan. A plan to get out of debt. A plan to be better with our money. A plan to stay committed to the church and stay involved. A plan to spend more time together. A plan to let God take control.

The last couple of days have been great! I finally got some more hours at work that I needed, the weather is warming up, we're finally getting some answers about our kitchen and planning to get it put back together, I got a ton done around the house, and we had family in this week!!! Jeremy's mom and sister Melanie came to visit from Monday til this morning, and it was so nice to visit, we've missed them so much. They hadn't seen our house yet and we got to celebrate Faith's birthday - again - with family. Faith was a lucky girl this year:

A personalized Veggie Tales CD from Nana that sings and says her name!

High School Musical Stuff!!! Always a hit!

A Barbie bathroom!

And Barbies to go in it!!!

Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out over the next couple of weeks. I'm so thankful that God doesn't let me go and lets me learn from my mistakes, giving me a chance to make it right. To quote my husband's Facebook status: "It's amazing what happens when someone else steers the ship!"



This week was a great week for me productivity wise. Got lots of cleaning done for Faith's birthday party, and Jeremy's family is coming in today to see our house for the first time! The only major project I have left on the list for today is to clean out and organize my scrapbooking room (which has become a collect-all room the last few months).

This week, I'm most proud of Faith's room. Awhile ago, I painted some canvases for her room and since then, I've been wanting to paint a matching mural on her wall, and never got around to doing it, or could figure out how to. Friday night, with a sudden burst of inspiration and an idea that just might work, I figured out how to get the giant butterfly on Faith's wall, drew it, painted it...and Tada!!!

The pictures really don't do it justice, cause it looks SWEET! I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and so glad to finally have it done! But, I'm not getting else done sitting here talkin' to you people! ha! So, gotta get ready for company!!! =]



First of all, I would like to wish my little princess, Faith, a HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY!!!

I know it's cliche, but I can't believe that Faith is 3 already. Last night, I asked Faith if she was excited to have a birthday today and she said "Mommy, are you sad for me to grow up?" I said "Yeah, baby. I want you to stay my little princess forever." And my precious girl replied "Okay Mommy, in just a minute. I'll be your little princess in a minute." Heartbreaking, yet I'm so thrilled to see what the next three years are like.

Life has changed so much over the last three years. Forget three years, the last three months have been a whirlwind of change! He's the abbreviated version:

*For those of you that don't know, we had a flood in our kitchen at the beginning of February, which led to my kitchen being torn apart. I haven't had a running sink or dishwasher for over a month now. Needless to say, it sucks. Thankfully, the ball is finally rolling in the right direction. The adjuster came to the house Tuesday, so we should know more soon. But it does mean that I get to repaint (and possibly pick out new cupboards and counters) as well as Caleb's room. =]

*At the beginning of the year, I had some MAJOR financial burdens that came back to bite me (And my parents) in the butt! I nearly suffered a nervous breakdown, but thank the Lord for my patient husband, forgiving parents, and prayers from friends and the church for helping me through it. It's not all worked out yet, but now that I have to face it, it's getting sorted out.

*We placed membership at Rochester Church of Christ (finally!). I love that are family is in a place again to be involved in a community of believers, and we're so excited to get our kids involved...we're loving it already! And we needed the accountability that comes with being members at a church, otherwise we tend to fade into the background.

Lots of change can really interrupt life and turn it on its head. I've silently battled mild depression the last few months because of some of these changes, but I now beginning to see what blessings they've turned out to be in the long run. Other than family, the only thing keeping me running was knowing that God had a bigger purpose for me. I was learning to give things up and not try to control every situation by myself, and I'm so thankful for the hard lesson I've learned. Hopefully, I won't soon forget it.


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