Versatile Blogger Award

A new blogger friend, over at One Brownie at a time, gave me this sweet award today! If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. It's the I can't come up with anything to write about so I write about everything Versatile Blogger award!

Okay, this is how it works: I tell you a few things about myself and award some new blogs I'm following.
7 new things about me? I don't know if I can come up with that many.

1.  I have anxiety about being late. I HATE it. It's one a few things that can really get my temper going, and my heart rate up. Needless to say, I have kids, so I'm anxious a lot.

2. I have a few nicknames I go by (Vee, Veron) but it makes me so mad when people call me Ronnie, or Virginia, or worse, Victoria. All of these names are associated with people in my childhood I didn't like.

3. I am not an animal lover. I love little baby kittens, puppies, etc. but overall, I just don't really like animals. They make me nervous. If that makes me a horrible person in your eyes, I apologize.

4. My past occupations have included: Sandwich artist, photography framer, waitress, dish washer, babysitter, singer, performer, bartender, preschool teacher, and child center worker.

5. I can do vocal percussion. That right, I can beat box. I learned it when I was in an all-girl's Acappella group, and got pretty decent at it. I likely won't do it for you if you ask me to, but I promise I can.

6. I absolutely DESPISE the scent 'Love Spell' by Victoria Secret. It makes me sick to my stomach, and smells like literal vomit to me. 

7. My favorite evening involves putting the kids to bed, curling up with the hubs with a snack, my cozy blanket, and watching Friends. 

There ya have it. I can't even remember if they are things I've shared on this blog before. And I'm too lazy to cross check it right now.

Now, I will pass on the nominations:

Check these ladies out!


My 15 minutes of fame

I had SO much fun being a featured blogger on SITS Wednesday!!!

The comments and love was so encouraging. It's amazing how a community of strangers can make you feel so welcomed and loved. If you were a part of that, thank you.

The 15 minutes of 'fame' must have gone to my head, cause I'm so excited to blog some more!
All the comments encouraged me to finished some fun/silly posts, and gave me some ideas for new ones. So keep your eye out in the near future for:
-'The List' revised
-The hubs list
-Some new DIY projects
-The Peanut story
-King look alikes

I have a lot of things stewing, and so many new followers to share them with, I can't wait!

Tonight, though, we have friends coming over for fresh back strap (the boys shot a dear Monday) and corn on the cob. Gotta get to cleaning!



I've gone over and over in my head about how to start this post. I wanted it to be memorable, whitty, and grab your attention. As a Friend's fanatic, this line from Season 1 kept running through my brain:

"Well smack my @$$ and call me Judy!"
The Stoned Guy Picture


For those of you that might not know what SITS is, you need to be in-the-know, because it is a fabulous place for bloggers to meet, connect, and support each other! I'm owe SITS the credit for most of my followers!

Now, a little about me: I am a wife and mother of 2, with another peanut due to make himself known around Valentine's Day. By myself I am nothing to write home about, but the people in my life make me pretty fabulous. And this blog is all about that: My fabulous life with the people I love.

I have ups & downs, good days & bad, Guilty Pleasures and skeletons in my closet I'm sure. I dabble in a lot of things, including scrapbooking, singing, and mini makeovers. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an obsession with Slurpees, my kids are hilarious, and I love being a girl!

I hope you'll kick your feet up and stay awhile.


A letter to Peanut

Every year, I write a letter to my children on their birthday.
I also wrote to them when I was pregnant.
I would like to continue this tradition, and you're invited to read along.

My dear sweet Carter,

There's something about knowing your name that makes it so much easier to write to you. I've been wanting to write to you since day 1, but wanted to wait til I could address it with your name. Carter Jackson. My little peanut.

This entire journey for me so far has felt new. Nothing has been familiar, completely different than my first two pregnancies. It's been so special to feel like all these stages and milestones are new again. Even though I've been feeling you move for awhile now, I still wake up every morning so excited for the day when you really kick, to feel life alive inside me.

What has really been new about this journey is how you came to be. I thought my family was complete. I thought I was happy with 2 kids. Then one day, it's as if God tapped me on the shoulder and said "What if you're not done yet? You still have more love to give." You see, Carter, Mommy was being selfish. Sometimes I got tired of chasing after kids. Sometimes I got lazy and didn't want to read books before bed. Sometimes I got selfish and wanted time for me. I thought I didn't have room to add any more responsibility. But I felt the weight of selfishness on my shoulders and knew that God had bigger plans for me and my family. Even in the midst of my selfishness, I gave God a very small window of trust and control, and He knew that's all I needed. God had YOU planned all along...

And I'm so thankful. Already you have turned my world upside down, making me reevaluate my life and what I really want. You've set my priorities back to leaning and trusting in God's wisdom. When I look back at all those things that took up my time and made me tired, I wouldn't trade any of those moments. Those were the times that tried me, shaped me, molded me, challenged me, and made me see what life is really all about. "Life is the messy bits." I know this to be true wholeheartedly.

I can't deny that I'm nervous. A little scared, even. Unsure about how our lives will adjust, what rhythm our family will take, and where we are going to put you! But I rest as ease knowing you will complete our sweet family. I don't deserve you, but here you are. You deserve better than me, but I promise to give you everything I have. We were meant to be together, and I can't wait for the day you become my Valentine.

I love you, Carter.



Days to Remember

I'm not sure why I didn't post about it before, probably just the craziness of my schedule, but both my babies had their first day of preschool last week. (Well, Faith started PreK, Caleb started Preschool).

It's such a weird thing to explain to people, that I work at the preschool my children attend. Caleb is in my class, and Faith is next door. Plus, Faith joins my afternoon class Mondays and Wednesday, so I still get to have her in class. But, it's a sweet little church preschool, so it's just those two classrooms. I guess it's weird to explain because I feel like people don't understand the wrenching in my gut to watch them go to school - even if they are coming with me.

Last year, Faith and I started our first years of preschool together. And even though I was with her the entire day, I held back tears the whole time. Watching her interact with other kids, learn and create, knowing she was old enough to be in school was so difficult.

This year, it wasn't as difficult because it was familiar. But after taking pictures and looking back, it hurts a little more. I can't believe my sweetie pies are so big!

All dressed up and ready to go

The poses they insisted on, and a little love from Mama (it was my first day too, remember!)

There just aren't any words to describe how incomplete my life would be without these beautiful faces in it.


Who Inspires you?

Okay, I was having computer trouble last night, so I couldn't post this yesterday. So, here it is today:

DAY 4 of the SITS Back to Blogging Challenge:

Thursday, September 16: Write a new post about a woman who inspires you.  (As an example, you can see Mama Kat’s recent Women Who Inspire post here.)

This is actually tough for me, as the women who inspire me always change. Of course my mother is a given, mostly because she never lets life bring her down. And she has 15 times the amount of energy I have!

I am always inspired by women who are confident enough to finish a journey. Whether it be career, weight loss, running a marathon, whatever. It takes a lot of inner strength to do these things, and it always encourages me to push harder in my own life, and my own journey.

Sorry, I wish I could choose one woman to write about, but it's not that easy. There are so many women out there (including blogging friends) who have inspired me along the way.

Hope that answer is sufficient. =]

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My shining moment

Okay, maybe not really my shining moment...

but my shining blog moment.

Day 3 of the SITS Back to Blogging Challenge was this:

Wednesday, September 15: Re-upload a post with a title that you are particularly proud of and explain why.

Now, I didn't choose this post because it was well written, or because it had a profound impact on my (or anyone else's) life. I didn't even choose this post because it had the most comments. I chose this post, Guilty Pleasures, because it was playful, fun, and took me forever to write out! I remember being in a sassy mood, wanting to do something fun & funny, and this just came to me. So, I took my time making it aesthetically pleasing and find the best pictures.

And, it's so me. It totally encompasses my crazy, abnormal personality of weird obsessions. And these are only a few! It's fun, so read along!

Guilty pleasures

Everyone has em...

You know, those silly indulgences that you would never admit to anyone. You'd be mortified if anyone knew how much you loved it - either because you're way too old to love it, too young, or it's completely ridiculous:

I call them guilty pleasures.

Well, welcome to my dirty laundry. I'm airing it out. I've decided that I am secure enough as a woman that I can be at a place to admit these secrets loves of my life.

(Reading the following may force you to think less of me)

Guilty pleasure # 1:
Cheesy movies
Okay, I realize I am not alone on this one. Most woman would admit to liking the sappy romantic comedies/dramas. My favorite genre is action/suspense, but I will totally admit to loving girly movies. But I love the really cheesy ones. I tend to watch them by myself so I don't have to answer to anyone why I would possibly watch it: Like watching The Ice PrincessAnd loving it. And downloading the Ali & AJ song from it. Or 'A Cinderella Story' - Apparently, any Disney teenie-bopper movie, I'm all over it. Shhh....don't tell anyone.

Guilty pleasure # 2:
Zac Efron
Again, with the disney teenie-boppers! I admit it: I have a cougar crush on Zac Efron. It all started with my daughter's obsession with High School Musical. This kid is seriously a force of ridiculous talent. Adorable:CHECK. Actor: CHECK. Sings & Dances: DOUBLE CHECK. My daughter has good taste!

Guilty pleasure # 3:
Salt & Pepper
Hopefully, this will redeem myself from my previous guilty pleasure (or at least, balance it out)...but I love older guys who can rock salt & pepper hair. I totally think it's sexy. Like Pierce Brosnan.
Or George Clooney.

Something about an older man who knows who is, has a sense of maturity (even if we know it's a myth), and can get sexier every year.
And no, I do NOT mean Taylor Hicks, thankyouverymuch.

Guilty pleasure # 4:
Anyone who has read my blog knows I love Slurpees. But my love borders on obsession. I've cut way back recently in honor or reaching my goal of a healthier me, but there is a slurpee shaped hole in my stomach. And it aches. I could drink them non-stop. ALL DAY. It's a disease, really. I should seek help.

Guilty pleasure # 5:
Jordin Sparks, 'Battlefield'
I actually love all things Jordin Sparks. I think she is an incredible singer, a great role model, and has the most unbelievably beautiful skin. But, I've recently become addicted to her song 'Battlefield.' It's constantly stuck in my head. I crank it anytime I hear it on the radio. My kids know most of the words. I love the drive. I love the range. I love Jordin Sparks, and I don't care who knows it!

There you have it: my guilty pleasures. I warned you that you might think less of me...

What are your guilty pleasures?!?!? I'm dying to know!

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The day I will never forget

Today's challenge from SITS:

Tuesday, September 14: Re-upload a post you wish more people had read and explain why it was important to you.

I thought this was going to take awhile and I was going to have to go through all my posts, but as soon as I saw the title, I thought this is the one. I went through my posts anyway, just to make sure, but this is definitely a post that very few read that is very important to me:

Weight Loss Wednesday

Okay, okay. I know it's Thursday, but hear me out.

Yesterday was a day I thought I would never let happen. I was getting dressed, struggling to put on otherwise cute clothes that used to fit. After I squeezed into them and got ready, I looked in the mirror....and started to cry.

The day came when I looked in the mirror and didn't recognize myself. It crept up on me, and suddenly someone else was looking back at me. A version of myself I did not like. How did this happen?!? It's hard to admit being at my heaviest weight and realizing it's completely my own doing. I didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. I was looking in the mirror at a BEFORE picture...

Well, I've had it. I've been in a place before where I wanted change, wanted health, wanted to feel comfortable in my body. I'd be great for awhile (last year, I lost 25 lbs....but gained it back plus some), but this time is different. While staring at my reflection (I think it was me, I was in there somewhere) I realized that I can't change on my own. I need accountability. I need to keep myself accountable and I need the encouragement of others, and their accountability. And I need the strength that only God can provide.

So, with the help of some inspirational friends, I'm dedicating Wednesdays to keeping myself accountable for a healthier life style, hopefully finding weight loss as a positive bonus. Let's begin with DAY 1 of my journey:


*yeah right, like I'm going to tell you that! Maybe once I reach my goal, I'll tell you my starting weight! =]

I started at the gym yesterday, and biked 16.84 miles and did 400 sit ups!!! PHEW. Then, I finished my evening with 400 more!!! That's more than I've ever done in my lifetime, I'm fairly certain. But I don't want to crash and burn. I want to keep some reasonable goals for the week:

1. Drink more water
2. Do at least 200 sit ups/crunches a day
3. Eat smaller portions
4. Break one sweat a day

So far so good. I'll weigh in next week, but at least today I've kept it up with 400 more sit ups, 3 mile run and 4.5 mile bike. But I need the encouragement and I'm not afraid to ask for it. Please follow me on my journey....

...because, darn it, there will be an AFTER picture!

In all honesty, I have no idea how many people read this post. Few commented. This isn't a post where I thought 'I want the world to know how fat I have gotten', but it was more 'I need people to keep me accountable.'

I have actually gone back from time to time to read this post and remind myself of how far I've come. Before I found out I was pregnant, I had lost 32 lbs. Not quite to my goal, but very close. I remember this day vividly. I remember looking at my reflection and breaking down. This post reminds me of a day I will never forget. A day my life changed forever. A day that changed the way I look at food, at my habits, at my life.

Since that day, I've had so many followers encourage me and support me, and I'm forever thankful for the motivation it gave me. I can't wait to get back on track to my goal weight!

See you tomorrow!

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In the Beginning...

Now that I've got my first week of school under my belt, and things are back in fall-swing, I'm going to try to get back to blogging more. One of my motivations will be participating in SITS Back to Blogging Event! (And the washer and dryer I could wins helps a little, too!)

So today the challenge is go back to my first blog post. I should first tell you how this blog came to be. I have been 'journaling' since before this blog came about (first Xanga, then Myspace, a little on Facebook). I've always wanted some sort of avenue to write about my life not only for other people to keep up, but also so that I could have my own archive to remember. But it's always nice to feel like people care and are reading and supporting, experiencing similar things, and relating. That's the most rewarding part, which is why 'Everyday Kings' has stuck for so long.

So, my first post here is really just a continuation of my previous writing. It was posted on 10.28.2008:


It's a little late in the season for my annual 'I love fall' post, but I felt it still note-worthy. And, Autumn has flown by this year, I didn't really get the chance to appreciate it in full! I did get the chance to take the family to Yates Cider Mill for Cider and Donuts (my favorite) but we didn't have time to carve pumpkins yet. My favorite fall/Halloween activity thus far has been the Trunk-or-Treating @ the church:

I volunteered to help out this year. As my luck would have it, I was away or working the three sundays pre-ceding the event, so I didn't really get in touch with anyone to organize (and if you know me, you know I'm a little OCD). It also worked out that Jeremy was out of town in Indiana on a DeeperStill trip, so I had the kids on my own (what was I thinking!?!) I got there a few hours early to help set up and bring the treats I made, and stayed for about 5 hours to help clean up afterward. I was EXHAUSTED but what a fun event!!! I spent a good two hours coming up with and decorating my trunk thinking it was cute, only to find it was mediocre compared to some of the trunks there! I was so impressed with the creativity and effort put in by everyone....what a cute idea!
All in all, it was very fun night. Thank goodness for Holly Knutson helping me pass out candy and watch the kids. I probably wouldn't have been able to do it without her help. I love my little munchkins all dressed up for Halloween. Always puts a smile on my face =]

This post is very me: writing about new things happening with the kids, new cute pictures of them, and family events. Not very witty, not well-written. But it's honest, and it sounds like me.

I love the pictures of my children here, they seem so little! But it does should how new I was to blogging: the formatting is terrible, the writing all bunched together, and no real introduction to me or why I was starting a blog in the first place.

I love reading old posts and reliving the moments - especially the very first! It's been fun revisiting. Looking forward to tomorrow's challenge!

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Sweet or Salty? BIG NEWS

Today was a very big day...

Today, we found out what kind of peanut we're having...

SWEET or SALTY? What'ya think? Can ya tell?

Healthy little peanut

A beautiful profile

Cute baby feet

Peanut in 3D - very cool. And also, kinda freaky.

This photo really should give it away....

We've got ourselves a SALTY PEANUT!!!! 

Carter Jackson is still right on schedule, due to arrive Valentine's Day!!

Can't wait to meet our little guy!


The Shaky Face

Happy Labor Day everyone!

I slept terribly last night and woke up with a very sore throat. I hate waking up like that on a day off. Especially when it's one of my few of the summer, and the last before school starts. SO....I thought I'd cheer myself (and hopefully everyone else) up by telling you about 'The Shaky Face'

Maybe you've done this before, but it was recently brought to my attention while traveling with friends. Now, every time we travel we try to take Shaky Face pictures!

Here's how it works:

Have your subject shake their head as quickly as possible from side to side while you take a picture. The results are HILARIOUS - it makes their face look distorted or deformed, and will have you laughing for hours.

I will leave you with some of my favorite Shaky Face results:

I love how they all look like they got punched in the face! Next time you have a camera and a friend, take some shaky pictures to share - I'd love to see how they turn out!

In other news, looking forward to finding out if we have a sweet or salty peanut on THURSDAY! =]


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