Girls just wanna have fun!

Yesterday afternoon, the hubs and my little dude took off for a 5 day trip to Canada....leaving Faith and I behind. While I am very sad to have my boys gone for a such a long time (it's the longest I've ever been away from my son), I am glad that Faith stayed behind to keep me company. All week she kept saying "Don't worry Mommy, I'm gonna stay with you. We can have some girls time."

And that we will. I actually have enough to do to keep me insanely busy this weekend, between work/school/home projects/etc I wanted to make sure I carved out some time with my princess. Today, we have our 3rd official 'Girl's Day' - which consisted of shopping, lunch, getting our nails done, and a movie. We saw "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" which was super cute. I love spending time with just her, building a close relationship with her, starting a tradition I hope will carry into her adulthood.

On the pony ride - she said 'I'm big enough to sit on a pony now - I won't cry anymore!' LOL

Getting her toes prepped and painted....

Getting her nails painted....

Trying to show me her fingernails. She chose purple nail polish and they put little flowers on each one. Cutie pie!

Tomorrow, the little lady and I are going to do a couple projects around the house tomorrow and head out to Brighton to see grandma! =] Until then, I've got lots to do before bed...

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Kara Miller said...

Awe, I am sure you will both treasure those memories forever!


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