Two bellies

To make an addition to my 'Kids say the darndest things' and 'Faith-isms', I bring you a new rendition from my little dude.

Caleb has been non-stop funny lately. I haven't remembered to write down all the funny things he's said recently, but the list is extensive. He's stringing together sentences making conversations with him endless entertainment.

1. Caleb is my snuggler. He loves to snuggle close to his momma.....but is not always as warm to daddy. Over the last week or so, he will lift up his shirt to show his belly, lift up daddy's shirt and put their bellies together and say "Two bellies." And he'll just lay there. LOL (Where do kids come up with this stuff?)

2. A conversation earlier this evening:
Faith: "Mommy, Caleb is pooping in his underwear!"
Caleb: "No, I not!"
Me (stopping what I am doing and rushing to the scene): "Phew. Faith, Caleb is not pooping, remember that we always tell the truth. We don't lie."
Caleb (screaming): "Yeah Faith. You don't jump on the bed. That's LYING!"

3. Caleb's new daily routine (and by daily, I mean 14-times-before-breakfast-and-every-meal-in-between) is to imitate Lightning McQueen from Cars, swaying side by side to say "KAPOW. KACHOW." It's so stinkin' cute!

There are a bunch more I remembered earlier today, but right now I can't! So, I'll try to re-post soon. Love you, dude!

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