Weight Loss Wednesday

I am finally getting the chance to check in for Weight Loss Wednesdays

I feel like I say this on a regular basis, but it always seems more and more true - I have been insanely busy lately! No, really. Insane. Since my last check in, I've started a new job teaching preschool and the schedule has been a huge adjustment. It's been a month already and I'm still getting used to it. It's been almost two weeks since I've been to the gym because I literally haven't had time. But don't worry - this is NOT an excuse. I repeat, NOT an excuse. My weight loss has slowed a little and my body is adjusting, but I keep on keepin' on! Still eating better (and more regularly), not eating late at night, eating smaller portions, etc. It's about changing my lifestyle and a lifetime of bad habits.

Okay, here's my goal check-in from last time:

1. Keep a health journal
This one has actually NOT happened for me. I know that it is practical and a goal I would like to reach, but right now I am mentally overextended enough that I would never remember to write down what I eat, etc. I will revisit this goal soon when my schedule settles a bit in a few weeks.

2. No eating after 9pm
I've been pretty good about this one. A few late nights I was desperate (especially since I haven't been going to bed since 2 or 3am....I need something to sustain!) but for the most part, I am consistent. I've even been bringing light snacks with me to work so I can have something small during my shift when I don't get meal breaks. It also keeps me from getting too hungry when I get home.

3. No buying anymore clothes til I lose at least 10lbs.
I actually remember the day I posted that, I went shopping and used a gift card I had gotten for my birthday! But it was for work, and if you read my blog, you'd know that I HAVE lost 10 lbs...

4. Cut my slurpee intake to once a week.
Laugh all you want, but slurpees sing to me in my sleep....I have averaged 2 a week, actually which is better than before. But I am proud of myself because I am getting SMALL slurpees instead of LARGE ones.....baby steps, people, baby steps....

So, I haven't met all of my goals exactly, but I feel good about that fact that this hasn't been a "diet" that I keep going back and forth on. I am making a daily effort to mentally prepare myself for healthy choices. Some days are good, some not so good, but over all my life is slowly changing.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for.....my weigh in:

X - 12lbs!!!

(Not bad for a month, averages out to 3lbs a week)

Now that my men are back in town and my little is getting back to my regular routine, I am ready to kick my butt back in gear. Here are some new goals for the week:

1. Eat smaller meals, more often. (No more eating once a day garbage)
2. Take my daily vitamins every morning.
3. Talk more to my kids about eating healthy, and making healthy choices.
4. Get on the treadmill (this has been a fear of mine, as it is hard on my knee, but I am gonna do it....)

Wish me luck!

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Emily said...

Good luck girl! You are really making life changes, and that's so the only way to make it stick, so good for you! You will be successful! I needed the reminding this week, about how important the every day choices are, no matter how small they may seem. I've been insanely busy lately too, and feel my healthy lifestyle has been suffering from it. Thanks for the reminder!


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