Family photos

So, I've started thinking about Christmas cards, etc. and what we were going to do this year.
Then it occurred to me:

Our family hasn't taken a decent photo together since the Dude was born.

That realization made me very sad. Now, I still plan on taking some real family photos (not my sad attempt with our crappy camera), and I still plan on figuring out how to do some photo layouts (MckMama did a great tutorial on this, but I can't figure it out on my program).

So here are the last-minute-no-one-to-take-pictures-so-we-used-the-garbage-can-in-the-backyard family photos. Some them are decently cute!

The Princess and The Dude (I feel like that should be a title of a new movie!)

The ladies...

The fellas...

The Kings

There are more cute ones that I'll post later!!! =]


Emily said...

Your family photos turned out great!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

So cute! I'm desperate for a good photo of me and my husband for a Christmas card. Nothing good ALL year. Boo!

Rhonda said...

Hi Veronica,
I just found your blog tonite while browsing...can't even remember who led me here, but I'm glad they did! Your family is beautiful; the family pic is really cute! We go through the exact same thing every year too; you'd think there could be at least ONE family picture during the year, right? Wrong! It's such a chore to get everyone to participate!

Stop by and visit me, and have a wonderful holiday!

Lucy Marie said...

I think they look cute. I saw it on your header and thought it was great. It does not look like a "we used the trash can in the backyard photo"!

You have a beautiful family.

Becky said...

Awe those are great photos and I love the way you styled your son's hair...that is so cute!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I your family were any cuter, it would be illegal! I love receiving picture cards at Christmas. I save all of them in a big box and look through them every year. It's fun to see how the kids have grown up over the years.


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