Weight Loss Wednesday

I haven't updated with Weight Loss Wednesday in quite awhile. Partly because of time and my insane life right now. And partly because for the last month, I've been stuck.

I didn't lose any weight for a month.

It was very discouraging. Mostly because I am still overall so much healthier than I ever was before. I'm still trying to watch what I eat, make better choices, eat more often with smaller meals...you know, all the things you're supposed to do lose weight.

No luck.

I said earlier that my goal was to feel comfortable in my own skin. I wanted a more balanced life, and that weight loss was to be a great bonus. But truth is, I want the weight loss. I want to fit in my old clothes. I want to feel 'skinny'. But, why can't I have both a healthy life AND weight loss?

So, I had to re-gear. Let's be honest, crazy schedule, stress, Halloween candy (ok, ok, I admit it) = plateau of weight loss. I had to kick myself again to get back on track. Here's my update from the last goals:

1. Eat breakfast within the first 30 minutes of waking up.
I'm actually pretty good about this one, only because I have a schedule every morning and because I am up so early. I get up. Take a vitamin with a huge glass of water. Eat breakfast. If I don't get to it, I drink a protein shake on my way to work.

2. Run at least 3X a week to prepare for a 10K race
This has been almost impossible. 3 days a week have been really hard to achieve. HOWEVER, I realized I'm capable of a lot more than I gave myself credit for, because even with 1 day a week, I've met my mark of 10K today - running. Non-stop. This may not seem like much, but I've never run that much. EVER. I'm pretty stoked. Especially since I found out this week I will not be in town the day of the race, so I've achieved the goal all on my own. YAY ME!

3. Cook/eat more meals at home.
This has actually happened by default. I've been forced to this cause I'm broke. HA! Probably a good thing though. I don't really prefer to cook (I do love to bake, but when is that ever healthy?!?) so it's really an effort. But it's happening.

4. Go to bed at a decent hour when possible.
With the exception of tonight as I stay up late to blog, I've been to bed before midnight every night this week. That's huge for me. But I didn't do it consciously....I blame old age! So, goal achieved again by default! =]

So, with the tough month I had of no weight loss (and I do realize that I've built a lot of muscle running), I only have one goal this time:

1. Lose 15 pounds by Christmas.

EEK! I really have to watch out for holiday food, stress, etc. if I want to do that. But what I am coming to realize is that I can only cheat myself. I am the only one getting in the way of my goal. I decided on this goal last week, and I've already broke through my plateau, losing 3 lbs. this week, which puts me at:

X - 20 lbs!

Phew. I feel good again. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. =]

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Emily said...

20lbs!! Holy crap girl! You are doing amazing!
You can do it, you can do it, you can do it!


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