Hodge Podge Chili

I'm pretty proud of myself.

The other night, I attempted to make Chili, cause I had some pinto beans I had no idea how else to use them. I ended up just throwing a bunch of things together I had to use up in my kitchen. And you know what?!? I thought it was pretty good!

It was a little thick (the hubs did prefer so many beans - but really liked the flavor). This is the result of:

1 bag of Pinto Beans
2 lbs of lean ground meat
1 can of corn
1 can tomato soup
1 can Mexican stewed tomatoes
1 can Hunts original spaghetti sauce
Left over Meijer organic salsa
Left over Paul Newman's pinapple salsa
2 pack of chili mix
Chili powder
Salt & Pepper

I will definitely try it again....will less beans! It was YUMMY!
How's that for not being a very good cook?!?


Charlene said...

This sounds very similar to the taco soup I make--I use two cans of corn to 1 can of beans or the equivalent, tomato sauce, ground meat, and taco seasoning. We add a little bit of grated cheese on top of each bowl, it's out of this world!

Rona's Home Page said...

My family loves chili!


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