Thankful Thursdays

--The long weekend coming up next week (I totally need the break!)
--Getting to FINALLY see my in-laws for the holiday!!! (We haven't been to their house since April!)
--Watching my kids' faces light up when their daddy gets home.
--My church family - They totally ROCK!
--Nap time
--staying in to snuggle and watch tv with my man
--Sweet Tea

This week at preschool, we made 'Thankful Turkeys'. Each feather represented something the kids were thankful for. This was Faith's list:
-My Mommy
-My Daddy
-My Caleb
-Taco Bell


What are you thankful for?


Lucy Marie said...

Faith sure knows where it's at! Taco Bell makes the list!

areid1982 said...

Thanks for following me! It cracks me up that your daughter is thankful for Taco Bell! That's awesome! Your kids are adorable & too funny! I can't wait to read more - also I totally agree on the Zac Efron & salt & pepper men!


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