Fun with Scrapblog

Stumbled across an amazing website today.....Scrapblog.com!

I've been playing with this site all day.  A lot of it is free, so you can create almost anything...like my new blog header, if you haven't noticed! I'm finally getting around to sprucing up my blog, and this site has been the easiest help by far!

Anyway, here's a fun page I made with the rest of my family photos:

So cute, right?!?


Lucy Marie said...

Very cute! I did a Christmas layout and got it printed as 4x6 prints to send out with my Christmas cards.

Clarice said...

I just tried Scrapblog. It's so much fun and so easy. Thanks for posting about it.

Kristen said...

oh fun! I need to go check that site out!

Hanneke Nelson said...

I found scrapblog too awhile back, but hadn't really done anything with it. How cool that you used it to make your header.



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