Project ideas

Back to the bullet point updates I wanted to get through from this post. Bullet point #3: Projects around the house.

Okay, since I've finally started connecting with other bloggers and trying to actually do something with mine, I've been so inspired by so many talented women out there! It's insane how many unique ideas I see on a daily basis...it totally has me itchin' to get my hands on something and transform it! Also, being featured yesterday on BetterAfter has me excited to get more BEFORE and AFTER photos going!

So the wheels have been churning. I, of course, barely have the money to look at buying stuff, let alone do a huge makeover, so this is all brainstorming....for now....

1. I have been wanting to paint like nobody's business.  I painted a few rooms when we moved into our house, but I'm still itching to paint this:

My bathroom needs a facelift. I'm thinkin' a burnt orange/copper color.

2. I also want to paint my livingroom:

This neutral gray/beige was easy to work with when we moved in, but I'm over it! It's too dull for me. I want something a little warmer....but I'm not sure on the color yet.

3. The next project is actually two parts, and I've been dreaming about it for over a year now: 

Because I don't technically have a 'dining room' in my house and it's such a small space, I wanted to create something to make this feel like another space. I really want to paint the back wall a different color (maybe the chocolate brown left over from my bedroom makeover). I also want to put up curtains to add some drama and warmth. The second thing I really want to do is re-finish the table and chairs (now that my kids are out of highchairs). It's a cheap set we got when we were married and since I don't see the budget for what I really want in the near future, I'm gonna make this one the best it can be, and I have a really cool idea for it!

4. I would LOVE to get into to buying and repurposing furniture, maybe sell some on Craig's List or my own store. I always see potential in great pieces when I thrift shop, I just need to start doing it.  (oh, and find some space for it!) Where there's a will, there's a way, right?!?

Well, what do you think? Any suggestions before I get my hands dirty?


Lucy Marie said...

I love all of your ideas. I think painting one wall in the dining area would do wonders for making that space feel like it's own space. By the way, even without the extra paint and everything - your house looks gorgeous!

Nicole said...

Your family is adorable! Can't wait to get to know you better!

Jessica said...

Hi Veronica! Thank you for visiting my blog! I love your blog and will become a follower!

I can't wait to see your makeovers. We recently (a year ago) started redoing our guest bath and it's still "in progress". :)

Jessica said...

You have such a charming space from what I can see in the pics you have posted. I completely understand not having the money to do a full remodel to areas in your home-that is one of the things that makes paint so amazing! It can change so much and it takes so little work and money! Color can add so much to a space!

Good luck and I can't wait to see more!

Katy and Phil said...

Love the chocolate brown idea for the dining room. Have you ever thought about doing a bench along the back side of your table? That would be sweet and also functional. I will think more on decorating ideas. You totally have an eye for creativity. I may commission you to come down here and help me with a mural in our nursery when that time comes :) As for the bathroom, I love the burnt orange idea. Where did you get your Eifle Tower picture? I have a friend wanting one for their master bedroom.


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