A Decade in Review

First of all, thank you for all the encouragement from my last post. I am definitely inspired and already feel God's peace about the whole thing. And I loved reading all your ideas on how to save money!

Well, I thought I'd take a break from the heavy posts for a bit and just do something silly/fun. So, stealing an idea from Lucy, here are the highlight of the last 10 years of my life:


-Rang in the new year with my parents and BFF Sarah @ the Elk's club - what a night!
-Finishing out my junior year, starting my senior year of high school.
-My dear friends threw me a surprise 17th birthday party.
-I don't remember much else about this year, not a whole lot going on.


-Graduated from Hartland High School
-Started dating my first serious boyfriend
-Broke up from my first serious relationship (guess it wasn't that serious!)
-Auditioned for Acappella group 'Autumn' from Rochester College and made it!
-Met my future hubby for the first time, thought he was adorable.
-Started school @ Rochester College
-Started dating second serious boyfriend (not my future hubby, unfortunately)
-Hubby started dating someone else, too.


-Best/worst year of my life
-Had a great summer traveling with an Acappella/Drama group
-Broke up with serious boyfriend after 11 months, things got a little crazy.
-Great friendship with my future hubby started turning into something more.
-Started my sophomore year with an awesome roomie!
-Continued another year with an all girl's Acappella group
-Drama, drama, and more drama
-Ending the year convinced I found the man of my dreams.


-Got engaged to the man of my dreams.
-Married the man of my dreams (yes, it happened this quickly!)
-Honeymooned in Florida
-Moved into married housing on campus
-Took a step back from choir/groups to focus on first year of marriage
-Ended up taking a billion credits/working my tail off instead.
-Started a waitressing job


-Started to feel really cramped in married housing (aka dorm room)
-The hubs got a potential lead for a job as youth minister
-Finally move out of married housing into a townhouse
-Hubby graduates from college Dec. 18th (don't know why I remember that date of all things)


-The hubs get hired as youth minister
-I am still working/going to school full time.
-Take a field placement trip to Oklahoma, where the hubs tells me over the phone he wants to start a family with me! (Longest week of my life, BTW)
-Find out I'm pregnant two months later (July 9)
-Start my student teaching early so I can graduate before baby


-Graduate from college with a degree in Elementary Education/Language Arts
-Two weeks later, deliver our precious daughter (March 12)
-Lovin' life as a stay-at-home mom
-Lose my wedding ring while boating over 4th of July weekend @ Houghton Lake. worst. thing. ever.
-The hubs surprises me with a new wedding band! (Oct 1)
-I surprise the hubs (and myself) with a positive pregnancy test! (Oct 1)


-The hubs took a mutual step back from youth ministry, working part time
-I went back to work waitressing while pregnancy with baby #2
-The hubs gets a new job @ Gander Mountain
-We part ways with our congregation, go back to our college church
-My beautiful son was born (June 5)
-End of year, offered a position as bartender in the same restaurant


-The hubs got a new job working for our Alma Mater, Rochester College
-Lovin' my job as bartender (and the money)
-Figuring out life as mom of two
-Started the tradition of 'Girls Day Out' with my daughter
-Participated in the Imagine Christmas program at our church, had a blast


-Started a membership at Lifetime Fitness
-Had a flood in our kitchen, which led to a complete kitchen overhaul
-Finished my Scrapbook room
-My baby girl turned 3!!
-We placed membership (finally) at our church!
-Wrote my first song
-The hubs got pretty sick, spent some time in the hospital
-Got a new job teaching preschool!
-Started a weight loss journey

Wow, I surprised at how little I remembered! But that's the last decade for me summed up pretty much. What was the last decade like for you?


Lucy Marie said...

Cool post! Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

What a rich and varied life you are living! Good for you!

Cathy said...

How fun learning a little of your life!!! What a great list. I don't think I could remember that many details...wonderful!!!



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